Don’t install KB5028254 if your Windows 11’s UI is customized

Microsoft has yet to come with an official solution for it.

by Flavius Floare

Flavius Floare

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  • The issue causes the Start menu to crash when opened.
  • Devices with a customized Windows 11 UI are particularly affected.
  • However, not all devices are affected by it.

KB5028254 known issue

If you haven’t updated your Windows 11 yet, then you might want to know this before installing any updates, especially KB5028254.

Microsoft says the update will cause your Start menu to stop working, especially if your Windows 11’s UI is already customized by third-party apps. There is a trend among Windows users, who are probably nostalgic, to make new Windows versions look like older Windows versions.

While they can do so, Microsoft does not offer any software for it, if you want to do it, so you must resort to third-party apps. Most of them are safe, and you can install them without worries, however, it seems that a lot of them will eventually crash into internal conflicts with Windows 11, as it’s the case here.

So if your Windows 11’s is already customized and you did install KB5028254, then your Windows 11’s Start menu will literally start crashing. It is a known issue, and Microsoft is working to come forward with a solution. However, there are some workarounds.

Here is how to somehow fix the KB5028254 known issue

While this is not an official solution, by any means, Microsoft recommends you should uninstall all the UI customization apps before installing KB5028254. This you, you won’t be affected by the issue.

However, if you were not aware of this problem before installing the update package, and you installed it anyways, then you’ll need to contact customer support for the developer of the app you are using. They will then tell you what are the next steps.KB5028254 known issue

Currently, only Windows 11 version 22H2 is affected so far. However, it’s good to know that not all devices might be affected. Microsoft hasn’t released a list of the apps that are causing the issue, but it seems some of the devices that are already customized are not affected by it.

In any case, contacting customer support could prove to be a temporary solution, at least until Microsoft fixes this known issue.

Are you currently affected by this bug? Let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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