Microsoft signs another deal so you can stream Xbox games

Another day, another attempt to convince regulators.

by Rafly Gilang

Rafly Gilang

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  • Microsoft inked another 10-year cloud gaming deal.
  • Partnering up with Nware, the deal means you can access PC games developed by any of Xbox studios.
  • This isn’t the first time Microsoft linked up with a cloud gaming provider.

Microsoft boss Brad Smith just announced that its gaming brand, Xbox, is partnering up with Nware. 

In short, customers of the European third-party cloud gaming provider will be able to enjoy PC games created by Xbox studios, and potentially, Activision Blizzard games as well, in case the acquisition is still upheld after being appealed.

Microsoft and European cloud gaming platform Nware have signed a 10-year agreement to stream PC games built by Xnox on its platform, as well as Activision Blizzard titles after the acquisition closes. While it’s still early for the emerging cloud segment in gaming, this new partnership combined with our other recent commitments will make more popular games available on more cloud game streaming services than they are today. 

An Nware subscription costs as little as $10.99/month, for Windows PC, Android mobile devices, & Android TV. The base plan includes perks like access to your synched games, keeping the progress, and priority access to gaming sessions. 

Is Microsoft gearing up for EU regulators’ decision?

The news arrived not too long after UK regulators blocked Redmond’s attempt to acquire Activision Blizzard.

The deal, which was worth almost $69 billion, was axed due to cloud gaming issues. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) believes that Microsoft’s camp hasn’t effectively succeeded in addressing issues in this sector, despite its numerous deals involving other cloud gaming providers like Nvidia (GeForce NOW) and Nintendo. 

As we’ve previously reported, the ultimate verdict to block the agreement was made because Microsoft’s proposed solution didn’t adequately resolve the apprehensions related to the cloud gaming industry, as laid out in the provisional findings of the CMA that were released in February.

Sony, Microsoft’s rival in the gaming sector with its PlayStation consoles, has been opposing this deal for so long. Although the UK has blocked Microsoft’s acquisition attempt, Redmond’s camp is still waiting to hear from the European Union. 

What do you think about this recent move by Microsoft to sign another 10-year deal with Nware? Let us know in the comments!

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