Microsoft’s WizardCoder is the best code AI in the world right now

WizardCoder is beating all the other LLMs when it comes to coding.

by Flavius Floare

Flavius Floare

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  • WizardCoder is an open-source LM capable of coding correctly. 
  • It beats other LLMs, including Bard and Claude.
  • You can use it to train your own AI model with it.

microsoft wizardcoder AI

Microsoft has a new AI under its wing, and it’s called WizardCoder. This AI tool, developed by Microsoft in collaboration with Hong Kong Baptist University, is touted as the best open-source code LM (Language Model) in the world right now.

WizardCoder managed to surpass all other open-source code LLMs on 4 code generation benchmarks HumanEval, HumanEval+, MBPP, and DS-1000. This AI even managed to outperform closed LLMs, such as Google’s Bard or Anthropic’s Claude on HumanEval, HumanEval+, despite being significantly smaller than them.

It even left some software developers in awe, when they first tried it.

WizardCoder is another AI development funded by Microsoft, in an array of other AI models that we’ve extensively covered. This one joins Gorilla AI, Project Rumi, Orca 13B, and Llama 2 as another open-source language model that can be used to train your own AI model.

Will this mean that the AI-enhanced future is here? Definitely, so. Just recently, NVIDIA has brought in the numbers to show that AI is also profitable, not just useful. But just how useful is it, exactly? Will WizardCoder, for example, replace the real software engineers and software developers out there?

WizardCoder will help software developers write their code faster

But replace them? Well, not really. Assuming this open-source AI will get enhanced as time goes by, it will indeed be capable of coding perfect blocks of software.

Actually, the research on it shows that WizardCoder was built on an evol-instruct method, also developed by Microsoft, which allows models to self-instruct and eliminate wizardcoder AI

So, there’s no doubt that WizardCoder will eventually be able to come up with coding solutions that work. And it could replace some software developers too. But we’re talking about the ones that don’t have years of experience.

WizardCoder can become a very useful tool to learn programming, though. So in this regard, Microsoft is doing an excellent job at leveraging AI to train the next generations of software developers.

But it will take some years until AI can stand on its own, and build entire functional applications by itself. Or at least 3 to 4 years, if AI development will still happen at the current rate.

There are talks about AGI and ASI, and OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, has founded a group, the Superaligment Project, that wants to reach it in 4 years. So, ultimately, if AI truly reaches ASI, for example, not only software developers will be in danger of losing their jobs, but most humans. And there is a little possibility of it actually happening.

However, it can happen. But what do you think?

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