Outlook will let users watch videos directly in inboxes, without having to leave the platform

Users will also be able to record themselves directly in Outlook.

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outlook watch videos

Microsoft is implementing features on Outlook that will allow users to stream videos directly in the e-mailing app, without having to leave the platform, according to the latest entries in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap.

The new features will only be available on the new Outlook for Web and Windows, like the latest features released for the platform. If you remember, earlier this year, the Redmond-based tech giant said that the classic Outlook will most likely be discontinued by 2025, with all of the new features coming to the new version of Outlook.

However, some features, such as Copilot, will make their way to the classic Outlook as well, and the AI tool is already live on the platform, offering summarization and composing abilities among other capabilities.

The video streaming capabilities will be released to Outlook in December 2023, and they’re not part of the extensive list of new features coming to Outlook revealed by Microsoft some weeks ago. So, what should you expect from these features then?

Outlook to let users watch videos directly in inboxes

Outlook will let users record and insert videos in Outlook for the Web and desktop. The platform will make it possible for you to record yourself, your screen, or both directly within the app and then upload the recording as part of your email.

We’re introducing the ability to record and insert Stream video recordings in Outlook on the web and the new Outlook for Windows. Soon you will be able to record a video of yourself, your screen or both, directly from Outlook and insert the recording in your email.


The platform will also make it possible for users to watch Stream videos directly in inboxes without having to leave the platform. If an email on Outlook has a Stream video link, the video can be played on the platform. outlook watch videos

Those still on the classic Outlook version will have a regular experience, where they have to click on the link to watch the Stream video.

We’re introducing the ability to watch Stream videos inline in Outlook on the web and the new Outlook for Windows. Soon, if someone pastes a Stream video link in a supported Outlook app and sends it to you, you will be able to watch it directly in your inbox. The videos will play inline for recipients within the same organization, meaning you will not have to leave Outlook to watch the video. Recipients outside the organization, and those not using the new Outlook or web, will see a link to the video which they can watch in the Stream web app (depending on the organization’s file sharing settings).


As we mentioned earlier, expect to experience these new features next month, in December. Are you excited about them? Let us know in the comments section below.

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