Teams AI library will allow you to build messaging bots for your company

Teams AI library is coming out next month.

by Flavius Floare

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  • Developers will have access to LLMs to build bots and AI tools meant to ease the workflow.
  • Teams AI library will be released globally in October 2023.
  • It’s still not certain if Microsoft will integrate AI projects, such as LongMem or Project Rumi into it.

teams ai library

Earlier this year, Microsoft Teams received several AI-enhanced features that transformed the app into an efficient work hub that greatly helps reduce workloads.

All of these features use AI to help you around: for example, the Intelligent Recap feature will easily and quickly summarize a Teams meeting for you and suggest tasks. Other AI features will greatly improve the experience of hearing, listening, and seeing other people in team meetings.

It’s safe to say that Microsoft places all the bets on AI: for example, Teams will get an AI library, according to the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, and it will allow developers to use it to easily build messaging bots for the companies they work for.

The Teams AI library offers developers a suite of code functionalities designed to ease the integration of Large Language Models, empowering them to build rich, conversational Teams apps.

Microsoft already funded dozens of small and large language models, including GPT-4 and Llama 2, Orca 13B, and many others, and the Redmond-based tech giant has a lot of experience with AI products already.

So, it’s no wonder that it will add an AI library to Teams, considering many of these small and large language models are open-source.

Teams AI library: All you need to know

  • The feature will roll out starting in October 2013, and it will be available on Desktop, Android, Mac, and iOS. teams ai library
  • Developers can use it to create Bots and Message Extensions, as well as interact with Adaptive Cards for conversational experiences.
  • The Teams AI library also aids the migration of existing Bots, Message Extensions, and Adaptive Card functionalities with seamless integration with Large Language Models.
  • It will roll out everywhere in the world.

It might be interesting to see if this AI library will make use of the countless AI projects Microsoft has funded or has been part of.

For example, Project Rumi or Kosmos-2, as well as LongMem, could offer the code to build a very customer-focused bot.

However, we’ll have to wait until Microsoft releases the Teams AI library to find out.

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