32-bit Access to become Large Address Aware; will use 4G RAM

The rollout for the new feature is scheduled to start in November.

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  • The new 32-bit version of Access will be able to use 4GB of RAM instead of 2GB.
  • This feature will greatly improve Access’s performance on low-end devices.
  • It also encourages mobility and sustainability.

access large address aware

The 32-bit version of Microsoft Access will become Large Address Aware, with a rollout scheduled for November 2023, according to the Microsoft 365 roadmap.

This means the 32-bit version of the app will be able to access 4GB of RAM, instead of 2GB of RAM; Access will become Large Address Aware starting in November, and the rollout will most probably end by the end of this year.

The feature is more than welcomed, as Microsoft Access will run smoothly on low-end desktops, allowing for a much better performance and improved workflow overall.

Microsoft Access is a database management system that combines Excel, Word, and PowerPoint features to help you manage huge amounts of information. You can create databases, and charts, as well as design tables and use them to aggregate data.

Large Address Aware will make Access the perfect app for your workflow

With the 32-bit version of Access becoming Large Address Aware, you’ll be able to use this app on almost every low-end desktop device, as it will be able to use more power to improve performance.access large address aware

Considering all the current features that Access has, it easily becomes the best app to have if you’re an entrepreneur, manager, financial executive, school teacher, software developer, data architect, or data analyst.

The new feature also improves mobility, allowing you to use Access to the best of its abilities on mobile laptops, as well.

While it’s not a game-changer feature, it’s clear that Microsoft puts all the effort into making its products as available as possible. Access is able to run smoothly on low-end devices can also cut costs for small companies that deal with a lot of data, every day.

Coupled with the investments into AI technologies, which Microsoft also proved to greatly improve the survivability of small enterprises on the market, the Redmond-based tech giant is taking all the steps to support small businesses.

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