AI-enhanced summarization is coming to Microsoft Viva

The feature will have a preview in September, with a full rollout scheduled in December 2023.

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  • AI will summarize all the activity that happens in a company.
  • The new Engage Network Analytics feature will also contain all the trends across the organization.
  • The rollout will start in December 2023.

microsoft viva engage network analytics

Microsoft Viva Engage is a suite of Microsoft apps intended for work purposes, and it offers employees a way to connect with anyone from their organization, from anywhere and anytime. In other words, Viva is a hub where you have all the tools to do your job. And if you work from, this app can be very useful.

Microsoft Viva is integrated into Microsoft Teams, for an even more seamless experience, but the app has its own features, that are independent of Teams.

For example, according to Microsoft 365’s Roadmap, Viva is getting a new analytics capability that will enable an AI-enhanced summarization. This feature is already on Microsoft Teams, in a different form: the Intelligent Recap.

The new analytics capability in Viva is called Engage Network Analytics, and Microsoft will release a preview for it in September 2023. A full rollout is scheduled to take at the end of 2023, in December.

Just recently, Microsoft also announced that Microsoft Viva will get a brand-new homepage, Viva Home, so this new AI feature is more than welcome.

Engage Network Analytics will bring AI summarization and other features to Microsoft Viva

Microsoft says that this new analytics capability will help users understand certain engagement trends within their organization much better.

Besides the AI summarization, which will help you stay updated with all the activity that happens within your organization, the Engage Network Analytics will also provide you with insights regarding other viva engage network analytics

For example, Microsoft says that it provides an at-a-glance overview of your organization’s top usage trends including employee sentiment, and cross-community insights.

This will allow users to effectively see the general reactions to topics that are posted and discussed in Viva and then form opinions or polls to discuss them further.

This new analytics capability helps users understand engagement trends across their entire organization. Network analytics provides an at-a-glance overview of your organization’s top usage trends including employee sentiment, cross-community insights and AI-powered summarization to help you stay up-to-date with all the activity that occurs within your company.


It has been long overdue for Microsoft Viva to get more AI features, but it seems Microsoft is finally improving and enhancing the Viva experience, as well.

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