Attention to all Xbox lovers: the 2023 Xbox Year in Review is here

You can get your own personalized Year in Review with a few clicks.

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Xbox Year in Review 2023

2023 is almost coming to an end, which means one thing for all Xbox players out there: the Xbox Year in Review is here, and you can now check your own Xbox activity in 2023.

You can do this by signing in with your Xbox profile at, and it will generate your personalized 2023 gaming journey. You can even share it with your friends.

If you’ve been playing a lot of video games on Xbox this year, Microsoft says that you should take a moment to celebrate the activity with the Xbox Year in Review.

Don’t miss out! Your 2023 Year in Review is not just a recap, it’s a celebration of your gaming journey, an ode to the digital adventures that defined your year. So gear up, log in and let the games and memories roll.  


2023 has been a huge year for Xbox. Let’s take a moment to see what Xbox achieved this year.

Xbox Year in Review 2023: Here are all the Xbox highlights of 2023

In 2023, players everywhere have achieved some impressive numbers. According to Xbox:

  • Over 36K different video games were played.
  • 4.5 Billion achievements were gained.
  • The Xbox community of players managed to gather an impressive number of 91 Billion Gamercore points.

Activision-Blizzard-King acquisition by Microsoft

But aside from the already impressive numbers, Xbox has had a huge year. By far, the most important highlight is the acquisition of the Activision-Blizzard-King triad by Microsoft, which means games such as Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, or Diablo could end up being available on the Game Pass.

This is still in discussions, as both Microsoft and ABK haven’t stated anything official yet, but everyone is expecting companies to make this move.

Game Pass coming to NVIDIA Geforce Now

Speaking of the Game Pass, Xbox announced a partnership with NVIDIA that saw the launch of the program into NVIDIA Geforce Now essentially letting players access games available with Game Pass on every device that supports the Geforce Now technology.

A new Xbox Series S with 1TB Storage and over 5000 new games in development for Xbox

At the Xbox Games Showcase 2023 and Starfield Direct event, which was held in June, Microsoft announced a new Series S console with 1 TB of storage available, something that a lot of Xbox users had been waiting for a while.

The event also unveiled that over 5000 new games are in development for the Xbox consoles, with most of them coming to Game Pass.


Starfield, a hotly anticipated game, was also released in September, as a Microsoft-exclusive game for Xbox and Windows devices. The game went on to amass millions of players in a short amount of time, but the reception, however, was a bit underwhelming. It was commercially successful, nonetheless.Xbox Year in Review 2023

A new Homepage UI for Xbox

Xbox has a revamped Homepage that effectively allows users to get into gaming without wasting time. The new dashboard looks cleaner, more spacious, and more intuitive to use.

There are the most important highlights of the year when it comes to Xbox. How about you? How much have you played on Xbox this year?

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