Bing AI was visited by almost 1.5 billion users, charts say

Bing might become the dominant AI tool on the market again.

by Flavius Floare

Flavius Floare

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  • ChatGPT is currently holding the title of the most popular AI tool.
  • But Bing is coming to a close second, and if it plays well, it might dominate this market.
  • Microsoft has invested a lot of resources in AI.

bing ai market share

Bing AI is definitely one of the most popular AI tools out there, just second to ChatGPT in popularity. The tool is very useful in schools, projects, or getting work done more efficiently. Recently, a lot of users have been experimenting with Bing AI, pushing the model to the limits of creativity.

For example, one user made Bing claim that it’s a sentient entity already, while other users claim the opposite: Bing is too restrictive. Either way, the tool is very popular. According to the latest charts, in 2023, Bing has been visited by almost 1.5 billion users. And the year it’s not over yet.

And it makes sense. Microsoft has invested a lot of resources in AI, and when it comes to this topic, it seems that the Redmond-based tech giant is dominating the conversation. Windows Copilot is coming to Windows 11, Microsoft Teams got a lot of AI features, and even Microsoft Store makes use of AI now.

The year is not over yet, and Bing has the potential to become the most visited and used AI platform on the market.

What does the AI market share look like?

According to the chart, ChatGPT is still the most popular AI tool in the world right now. For example, ChatGPT crossed 1.5 billion monthly visits in March 2023 and it kept rising until May ai market share

Ever since Chat GPT’s usage has been decreasing. But many suspect this is because school time is over, and the summer vacations are happening.

It is summer…I’m an undergrad and use it for summer research but during the semester, almost every class/seminar had us using chatgpt for something. Could be less students checking it out since school is out.

It is possible ChatGPT will rise again coming September when schools will open again. But so can Bing. Actually, the two were very close in visitors number in March 2023. But before that, Bing AI was the dominant AI tool.

Given how much emphasis Microsoft is putting on AI, Bing AI will probably dominate the market share by the end of this year.

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