CES 2024 is happening this week: What to expect?

AI will take the main stage.

by Flavius Floare

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CES 2024

The first big tech event of the year, CES 2024, is taking place later this week on January 9-12, in Las Vegas, and by all means, it will offer a hint at what we should expect from 2024 when it comes to technology.

CES 2024 is an offline event, and those who want to attend it must register first to be able to do it. The good news? The registration panel is still open, and it can be accessed here.

The event is one of the most important of the year, and many tech giants, including Samsung, Microsoft, Intel, HP, Dell, Lenovo, and such, will be showcasing their latest products.

So, while there will be surprises from all these companies, a few of them already announced that they will showcase more of their recent announcements at CES 2024. What are these? Take a look below.

CES 2024: What to expect?

Microsoft will debut and showcase more details of its brand-new Copilot key

The Redmond-based tech giant has unveiled a new Copilot-specific key, similar to the Windows key, coming to Windows laptops, and keyboards this year. The release of this key marks the start of the AI computing era, and the Redmond tech giant says the first products with the new Copilot key will be shipped everywhere starting March-April 2024.CES 2024

However, the company promised that more details will be unveiled at CES 2024, so we will get a glimpse at how it will look.

Over the coming days leading up to and at CES, you will start to see the Copilot key on many of the new Windows 11 PCs from our ecosystem partners, with availability beginning later this month through Spring, including on upcoming Surface devices.


AI will take the stage, with NVIDIA, Qualcomm, and AMD showcasing NPU chips

If 2023 was the year AI slowly but effectively gained ground when it comes to computing, 2024 will be the year where the new NPU chips become the new standard.

Microsoft is already planning to add AI NPU integration on Surface devices this year, with NPU chipsets from NVIDIA and Qualcomm, and we might get a glimpse of the new Direct ML-powered processor that was hinted at back in December.

Over 4000 exhibitors in 40-plus product categories will showcase their products at CES 2024

According to the event managers, CES 2024 will focus on AI, transportation, startups, smart cities, and digital health, with over 4000 exhibitors showcasing products that offer solutions for a sustainable future. It will be interesting to see how will AI fit into all of these.

Are you excited about CES 2024?

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