Clipchamp on Windows 11 and 365: How to Download & Install

by Alexandru Poloboc

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  • Microsoft announced Clickchamp coming as an inbox app with tons of new features
  • However, all of these integrations are only available for Dev Channel Insiders for now.
  • That being said, if you want to get your hands on Clickchamp right now, here’s how to.
  • This software is currently free but there’s no telling what Microsoft will decide further.

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Back in September last year, we informed you that Microsoft had just bought Clickchamp and was planning on making it a Windows native app.

Recently, we found out that the Redmond tech giant will add the software in the latest Dev Channel Insider build.

In Clipchamp, users are said to discover more unique offerings, like a stock library filled with more than a million royalty-free videos, audio tracks, and images that can be added to videos.

There’s even an Azure-powered text-to-speech generator capable of creating voiceovers in more than 70 languages.

Clipchamp also connects with OneDrive, meaning that you can both import files and save videos quickly and securely.

Plus, you can now use Clipchamp with your Microsoft 365 applications as well. The app is no longer only suited for personal accounts but for professional accounts as well.

Here’s what Microsoft has to say about it:

Until now, Clipchamp has only been available to those using their personal Microsoft accounts. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that Microsoft Clipchamp will become available to Microsoft 365 commercial customers through the Targeted release program. Over the coming weeks, this release will make it possible for anyone to easily and efficiently create videos to help streamline their productivity and enhance their work. 


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All these changes will become available for the general public after they make it through the Insider testing phase, therefore not available for everyone yet.

The access should be easy. In the following weeks, you’ll see a special new Clipchamp start page on Microsoft 365. From there, it is as easy to use the video-editing tool as you would use for your personal business.

Now, with all these great features and integrations, it’s understandable how many of us already want to get our hands on it.

And, if you need a bit of assistance in this area, we’re always here for you, eager to help and speed up any processes you currently have in mind.

Can I download Clipchamp?

Yes, you can! Even though the Redmond-based tech company bought it in order to be bundled with its latest OS, the software is still available for everyone.

The first instinct most of us have when faced with such a dilemma is to quickly ask Google what to do. If you did, the first search result will send you to the Clipchamp official website.

However, any download link you will click on this website will send you to the Microsoft Store, so we’re just going to start there.

There’s no need to even open your browser in order to install this video editing software. For that, we will use the Windows 11 Store.

  1. Open the Microsoft Store on your MS Store
  2. Search for Clipchamp.clickchamp store
  3. Click on he Get clickchamp
  4. Open clickchamp

The software is totally free and you can get it with just a few clicks. However, there’s no telling what charges we might have to pay in the future, for certain features or services.

But, if you want to get Clipchamp on your PC and start fiddling around with it, this is the easiest way to do so on your Windows 11 device, for more advanced users, we recommend to professional software like Adobe Premiere that is more than enough for any video editing needs.

Have you managed to get your own Clipchamp video editor? Let us know in the comments section below.

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