Copilot is coming soon to an Android tablet near you, but only if you’re using Edge

Copilot tablet support is a new flag in Edge Canary for Android.

by Flavius Floare

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Copilot tablet

It’s been 2 months since Copilot arrived on Windows 11, pretty much anywhere in the world (well, not really, as EEA-based Windows users will have to wait until they can experience the AI tool), and it’s still too soon to tell if it’s popular amongst users or not.

However, one thing is clear: Microsoft plans to release it on as many platforms as possible, as the Redmond-based tech giant wants adoption for its Copilot. The proof? Copilot is now available on Windows 10, as well, so it’s not a Windows 11 exclusive anymore.

The reasoning behind this move from Microsoft is simple: Windows 10 is still way more popular than Windows 11, with double the number of users, even if Windows 10 has less than 2 years before it reached its end-of-support. This makes it the perfect ground for testing Copilot adoption.

However, this is not all. Apparently, Microsoft wants to introduce Copilot to Android tablets, according to a new flag added on Edge for Android and spotted by tech enthusiast, Leopeva64. The spotter found the new flag called Copilot tablet support on Microsoft Edge, meaning that Microsoft wants a special UI for Copilot specifically for tablets.

Copilot on Android tablets: Everything we know so far

The new flag is available on Edge Canary for Android, and it can be enabled for usage; users would only need to install the latest version of Edge Canary on their Android devices, and the new flag should be available to enable on the Experiments panel.Copilot tablets

The flag reads:

If enabled, user can use Copilot on tablet – Android.

Now, Copilot can already be used on Android devices, especially Android smartphones, through, of course, Microsoft Edge. However, until recently, it went by its original name, Bing Chat, before Microsoft decided to change its name to Copilot.

The tablet support feature means that Copilot will be specifically supported on Android tablets, most probably with a special UX designed specifically for these sorts of devices.

It would make the adoption of Copilot a much easier process on Android devices. Currently, as we mentioned earlier, the flag is only available on Edge Canary for Android for now, but it will come to the stable Edge for Android in the following weeks.

Since it’s part of Microsoft Edge, users will have to install this browser on their Android tablets to use Copilot.

What do you think about this? Will you use Copilot on your Android tablet?

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