Copilot might get these 5 features in 2024 that greatly improve the AI tool

Copilot could let users build a profile for personalized chats.

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copilot 2024

Copilot has been one of the most important products released by Microsoft recently, and it’s definitely the product of the year from the Redmond-based tech giant.

The AI tool is now integrated into almost every Microsoft product and service: Windows 10, Windows 11, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Teams, and so on.

Its summarizing capabilities, and the ability to generate visual content, such as DALL-E 3-powered images, have made Copilot one of the most exciting products to try. And make no mistakes, in the Microsoft universe, the AI tool is already winning big.

However, its release was hindered by many aspects, but one of them is definitely a letdown: in certain regions, such as Europe, Windows Copilot is not yet available. However, users from this region can access Copilot through informal means, such as Microsoft Edge, now that the Redmond-based tech giant renamed Bing Chat.

If 2023 was the beginning, 2024 would be the year Copilot gets polished until it is good enough to be considered a good part of Windows. How? Well, by adding some interesting features and improvements to it. And, if we are to check Mikhail Parakhin’s X (formerly known as Twitter) account, head at Microsoft’s Windows and Web Experiences Team, then there are some ideas. Let’s check them out.

Copilot in 2024: 5 features that might be implemented

Copilot might let users build a profile for personalized chats

A user wondered if Copilot might let users build a profile to use to generate personalized chats with the AI tool.

Would having an “info” thread work then? A chat where you just give it important info about yourself? Or will having lots of important info in one chat make it less likely to draw from some of it (so better to distribute over multiple chats e.g. family, job, preferences…)?

X user

To which Parakhin responded:

A good idea! We want to give people ability to look/edit their profiles. Still needs work – when I looked at my first version of a profile, it wasn’t very flattering – I was like “no, I’m not!” after every sentence Though it probably was more accurate than I care to admit.

Mikhail Parakhin

Copilot plugins will be entirely available in 2024; will support third-party plugins

Mikhail Parakhin also confirmed that Copilot plugins will be available in 2024. Currently, Copilot supports many plugins, but a lot of them are still currently rolling out to users, so they’re not generally available yet. copilot 2024

On this occasion, the engineer also confirmed Copilot will support third-party plugins, so users might be able to build their plugins for the AI tool, like GPTs.

GPTs are coming to Copilot in 2024

Speaking of GPTs, recently announced by OpenAI, Copilot will support GPTs somewhere in 2024, effectively allowing users to personalize the AI tool with custom-made AI models.

Users will be able to pin conversations in Copilot chats will get a Dark Mode

As confirmed by Parakhin, Copilot will also get a Dark Mode on its Web-based version. There is a chance this feature will be available in the first weeks of 2024, as Parackhin mentioned that all of these features are in development, but since it’s the holiday season, the work is slower these days.

Working on all of the above. Holiday lockdown doesn’t help (we reduce production changes at this period, because so many people are on vacation).

Mikhail Parakhin

So, as you can see, when it comes to Copilot, there is much to be excited for in 2024.

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