Did your Xbox wishlist disappear? It’s apparently a bug affecting users globally

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Thousands of Xbox users worldwide have reported that their Xbox Store wishlist disappeared. Many initially got an email that one or more games in their wishlist were on sale, and when they checked it out, the wishlist was already wiped clean.

Since the issue is affecting users globally and is so widespread, we believe it’s a bug or a temporary server issue to blame. Another critical aspect that helped us come to the conclusion is the fact that re-adding the games to the wishlist doesn’t help. They disappear again!

Given that many have already reported the problem to Xbox, it should positively be fixed within 48-72 hours.

Microsoft forums, X (formerly Twitter), and Reddit are filled with such reports, and it’s increasing by the hour, highlighting that the problem is still present.

A user wrote in the Microsoft community,

Hello, I used to use the wish list feature pretty often on Xbox in the store. I had about 10 games on there, but they all got wiped. When I try adding things to my wish list, they stay for like 5 seconds then it wipes again. I’m kinda annoyed because I wish list a lot of indie games that I will never remember the name of when I want to buy a game later.

The support page says the wish list is “up and running”, but I’ve never had this issue before the last 24 hours, so… not sure if it’s a known issue.

Another user wrote,

I just logged in to my Xbox and got the message that some games on my wishlist were on sale. When I went to check it out, the wishlist was empty – 0 items on it. Crazy thing is, I usually even get emails about it. Checked on the Xbox store through my browser and it’s also gone. Anyone know what might’ve caused it?

Similar reports can be seen on Reddit.

A few users have reportedly lost the maximum 300 saved games in the Xbox Store wishlist. Though, most had it in the 10-50 range. If you, too, are facing the issue, fret not!

Microsoft will, most likely, fix this as soon as possible, and any games on the wishlist will be restored. In all likelihood, you won’t lose them!

As of this moment, we can confirm that the problem persists with our Xbox Store wishlist and also for other users we talked to. So, wait for another 48-72 hours!

If you want to share your experience or know of a fix, drop a comment below to help the Xbox community.

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