Exciting News: Windows 11’s new feature will come this month

Microsoft is all packed and ready to release the newest Windows 11 feature update, also known as Moment 5, later this month or at the start of next month.

This feature update is anticipated to be smaller as compared to previous moment updates, and the main focus of this one is to deliver essential changes to the operating system to ensure it is DMA( Digital Markets Act) compliant.

Along with that, you would get quality-of-life improvements and upgrades to inbuilt accessibility features, improvements to Windows 365 cloud PC integration, and an option to remove Bing from Windows Search and News from Widgets Board. But, there is more.

1. DMA compliance and app changes

Looks like the Moment 5 update will be all about regulatory compliance. Microsoft intends to add more native apps to the uninstallable list. The apps that will added to the list are Edge, Camera, Cortana, and Photos.

So, if you are not a fan of any of these apps, you might be disappointed as you won’t be able to uninstall them anymore, and with Microsoft pushing intrusive ads to use Edge, it may be annoying for some.

Moreover, with this update, the Windows Search pane will be interoperable, which means opening avenues for third-party providers such as Yahoo or Google to build a plugin for the Search pane. This will give you a choice to switch from Bing to any search provider you like.

2. Focus on accessibility

Tablet users get enhanced capabilities with Moment 5, such as the ability to ink directly into text boxes across the operating system, providing seamless experiences for those using digital pens.

Now, the Voice access feature gets support for multiple monitors, and you also get the ability to use voice shortcuts for custom voice commands. Moreover, you can now use Narrator to open apps, interact with elements on screen, and dictate text.

3. Revamping the Widgets Board

While keeping the user preferences in mind, Microsoft will now give you the option to disable Microsoft News integration with the Widgets Board so that you can turn off the Microsoft Start news feed on the Board’s settings page.

Furthermore, just like the Windows Search pane, the Widgets Board will be interoperable, allowing third-party news services to create plugins for integration.

4. App enhancements and store innovations

With Moment 5, Notepad can now count the characters, and you can see that at the bottom of the document, making it easier to check your text’s length.

Microsoft Store is undergoing a visual overhaul and getting a new Arcade tab, which will enable you to play instant games without even downloading them. These games are basic and good for killing time, especially if you are waiting for an operation to be completed.

5. Windows 365

Microsoft will reinforce the integration of Windows 365 in the Windows 11 environment, allowing organizations to customize the login page with their company logo for more cohesive experiences for their employees.

A new mode called Dedicated Mode for Windows 365 Boot will enable you to seamlessly log in to your Windows 365 PC from a company-owned device.

6. Smart Snap Layouts menu & changes in the casting menu

With a touch of AI intelligence, the Snap Layouts menu analyzes user patterns and will suggest layouts based on currently open apps.

The Casting menu in the Quick Settings panel has also gone under changes and will now walk through the process of use for first-time users.

With Moment 5, Microsoft will also suggest using the Cast feature if you are multitasking by switching between several windows. Also, the All apps button in the Start menu will be changed to All.

7. Copilot gets an upgrade

Copilot can now be undocked, allowing apps to exist underneath the Copilot sidebar. The Copilot interface also has a wider layout, and it shows in the Windows + Alt + Tab menu, which makes it easily accessible and a good option for those who prefer keyboard shortcuts for multitasking.

8. Changes introduced to the Nearby Share feature

Nearby Share, the Windows 11 feature similar to Apple’s AirDrop, will now have friendly name support. You can give your PC a more recognizable name, enhancing the overall file-sharing experience. Moreover, the transfer speed has also been improved.

9. Windows Spotlight as Default Wallpaper

The Windows Spotlight feature pulls the day’s background from Bing and can now be set as the default wallpaper setting. However, this setting will only be applied if you are using inbuilt Windows wallpapers.

Whether it is making Edge uninstallable, the Windows Search pane interoperable, or making changes to the Widgets Board, it looks like the Moment 5 Update is all about DMA compliance.

Moreover, the enhancements and introduction of new features signify Microsoft’s commitment to making Windows a cutting-edge operating system.

Are you excited about the Moment Update 5? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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