Exclusive images: Lenovo is dressing its Legion Go in 5 new official skins

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We were the first to bring you exclusive images and technical specification details about Legion Go, and now, thanks to our trusted sources, we’re keeping the tradition alive by bringing you exclusive images of the 5 new official skins for this popular Lenovo handheld console.

While there are already countless wraps and skins for Legion Go that people can purchase from third-party manufacturers, these official skins are made by Lenovo themselves and they come in 5 versions, each sporting a different color and design, and looking flawlessly while doing so.

There is a chipset-themed skin, which sports linear designs and various darker colors; another skin has a red and blue design which could be inspired by anime themes; then, there is a simple matte dark brown version that looks professional, and could make people mistake the Legion Go console for another item.

One of the most gorgeous skins is the nebula-themed one, which sports a design with various space-related elements, and ultimately, there is also a white-colored skin for the Legion Go handheld that will surely make it stand out everywhere you take it.

If you’d prefer to give your Legion Go console a professional look, you should choose the matte dark brown skin. As you can see below, this one has a quiet design, nothing fancy, but quite good-looking. If you’re a gamer who doesn’t like attention, this one is for you.legion go skins

The chipset-themed skin would be suitable for those Legio Go users who are always on the run, or for those who are passionate about tech. What better way to show it than with a vibrant-looking console?legion go skins

The red and blue anime-inspired skin looks quite impressive, as you can see below. This would give the handheld console the edge it needs to be considered cool. Anime kids, this one is for you.legion go skins

The nebula-themed Legion Go skin looks impressive, and for those who always gaze at the stars, this is definitely the right one. Plus, your console will stand out everywhere you take it.legion go skins

Ultimately, the white-colored skin might seem bland at first, but it could help you identify the console way more easily if you ever lose it. What do you think?legion go skins

Aside from their design, which makes Legion Go look brand-new, these skins can also be practical, as they will greatly reduce the fingerprints on the console, keeping it all clean during longer gaming sessions.

However, Lenovo, per se, doesn’t manufacture skins for its devices, especially when there are dozens of third-party manufacturers already doing it, so the decision to release 5 new official skins is somehow surprising, as it can be telling: is Legion Go not selling well? Is Lenovo trying to bump up sales by releasing official skins for the console?

Well, the answer is uncertain, in both cases. We don’t have any official numbers regarding the commercial success of the Legion Go handheld console. While The Verge reported that Steam Deck sold millions of units, as of October 2023, we don’t know how many units Lenovo sold with Legion Go.

It is possible the console is not doing good, as the reviews for it are somehow critical towards many aspects: its battery life, its design, and its detaching mechanics, but in terms of performance, Legion Go impressed many.

Either way, if you already own a Legion Go, these skins will make you see the console in a new light. For now, we don’t have any information regarding the price, or the release date. But compared to the prices of the existing Legion Go skins by third-party manufacturers, they shouldn’t cost more than $40.

What do you think about them?

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