Exclusive: Lenovo Gets on the Fashion Trend with Designer Tab Wear Collection

Sustainable, fashionable, and also fits all your tech gear?

by Vlad Turiceanu

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Collabs aren’t new in the tech space, with more and more smartphone and tablet manufacturers marketing their devices as accessories focused on productivity. It seems it is Lenovo’s turn, as the company is collaborating with three fashion designers to create a Lenovo Tab Wear Collection that might (more like “certainly”) surprise you.

Yes, you read that right: Lenovo is working on a fashion collection! And thanks to our reliable source, we’ve got some incredible images for you.

The purpose of the collection is not to be a fashion statement but more a blend of fashion and practicality. Together with RANRA, Kit Wan Studios, and MAIUM, Lenovo has created a set of avant-garde garments that are also useful and tech-focused. The whole concept is based on “me-time”, Lenovo’s take on personal time, and it highlights the idea that me-time can be mobile, portable, and personal.

That’s a bold promise, me-time on the go. But let’s see if Lenovo did enough to convince you.

Lenovo x RANRA

RANRA is a London and Reykjavík-based fashion label specialized in transitional outerwear. The company focuses on nature and the urban environment, working with sustainable materials and processes. In collaboration with Lenovo, they brought more of the same, creating an anorak that isn’t tech-focused but more tech-ready.

The anorak features a packable tablet harness that’s specifically designed to help you work on the go but also keep your devices safe. It’s light, windproof, and waterproof and includes an isolation hood that helps with noise canceling and immersion into me-time.

The isolation hood may be a little weird, especially on the train or bus, but if it offers some privacy and gets your focus going, then it’s a job well done. Plus, the noise canceling (ish) might be a great addition for people living in crowded cities.

Lenovo x Kit Wan Studios

Kit Wan Studios is a Hong Kong-based independent menswear designer inspired by manga, high-tech, sci-fi, and mechanical aesthetics. The piece created in collaboration with Lenovo is based on the same principles and includes a packable tablet harness.

Kit Wan’s fashion piece is modular and resembles an exoskeleton more than a clothing piece. The print is created in a 3D program, then rendered and printed on the materials. The carry-on bag includes metal pieces and sculptures while keeping your tablet and accessories safe inside.

Is it for everyone? Probably not. But for those who can appreciate a cutting-edge design that’s also a statement might be just the right thing.

Lenovo x MAIUM

MAIUM is an Amsterdam-based fashion brand that mixes techwear with fashion and innovative design. It focuses on sustainability and the outdoors, creating weather-ready clothes that are also functional. In collaboration with Lenovo, the brand created a jacket adapted for me-time.

Like the other two fashion pieces, the jacket has a front pocket to store your table, but it can also turn into an inflatable hammock. Neat, right? It’s inspired by nature and promises to keep you warm and safe from rain while working on your day-to-day tasks or relaxing in the park.

It’s a bit more tamed than Kit Wan’s creation, with an everyday vibe. Think of it this way: you’re on a lunch break, go into the nearest park, install your hammock, and then relax. If that’s not a great way to clear your mind, what is?

All three brand pieces are a statement that fashion and tech can complement each other while still using sustainable materials and offering comfort. RANRA’s creation uses recycled textiles and trims, Kit Wan sourced materials from small-batch collaborators in Hong Kong, and Maiun used recycled polyester with a bionic finish eco layer. You can learn more about each creation at www.lenovotabwear.com.

Of course, the packable tablet harness and the pouch on the garments fit perfectly a Lenovo Tab P12 or a Lenovo Tab Extreme, but that’s not to say that you can’t use any other tablet with a similar diagonal.

But what’s your take on Lenovo’s dive into fashion? Share your thoughts on these designs and tell us if you’d buy one of these garments in the comments section below.

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