Force Windows 10 22H2 Update

While Windows 10 benefited from a major update every six months, this frequency was changed by Microsoft following the release of Windows 11, at the end of 2021. Since being replaced by a newer version, W10 has received only one major update and this one was released a year after the previous one. Named “21H2″ and released in November 2021, the new version of W10 is logically called ” 22H2 “: “22” as the year 2022 and “H2” for “Half 2” the second half of the year.

Windows 10 22H2, also called Windows 10 2022, does not bring as many new features as previous major operating system updates, new functions that are now reserved for Windows 11. This does not prevent it from benefiting from patches. latest security releases, as its lifecycle is not nearing the end of its life, with an end-of-support date of May 14, 2024.

If there is a automatic method of updating to Windows 10 22H2, the Windows Update tool may not offer it on your computer or laptop. This is how this tutorial will be useful for you. forcer l’installation de l’update Windows 10 version 22H2. An easy to follow but effective procedure since there will be no waiting until WindowsUpdate wakes up but above all, it allows you to choose when to install this update and therefore choose exactly when you want to restart his computer, not just when Microsoft decides it for you. It is also the assurance of installing the latest version when you are at home or at work, so that the automatic update does not disturb you when traveling or on vacation.

Windows 10 22H2, a free update

All Windows updates are free and this one obviously is. Forcing the installation of Windows 10 version 2022 is free and legal, we will use software offered by Microsoft. So there is no need to look for a crack or pirated software to perform this simple maintenance operation in order to have the latest Windows 10.

As always, a preventive backup personal files is not useless and you should not wait to have to make an update to save your documents, photos and other personal files.

Windows 10 Home, Professional, Enterprise or Education, all editions of W10 update in the same way and with the same program. The update time will be higher than with the automatic method by Windows Update. Even with a powerful PC, you still have to count an unavailability of about fifteen minutes.

Force Windows 10 22H2 Update – Windows 10 2022

1. Download Microsoft Windows 10 22H2 – Windows 10 2022 Update Utility (Free Download):

Download “Windows 10 22H2 – Windows 10 2022” Windows10-22h2-Update.exe – Downloaded 6541 times – 3 MB

2. Open file Windows10-22h2-Update.exe and accept the Windows warning that appears on the screen.

3. A white screen is displayed with the proposal of ” Update to the latest version of Windows 10 ” : click on the button ” Update now to start the operation:

4. After a quick analysis of the hardware configuration (processor, RAM and hard disk / SSD), click on ” Following ” to continue :

Congratulations Windows 10 update update

5. The update operation begins immediately First with a download, then its installation. There is nothing to do, everything is automatic and progress is tracked on the screen.

windows 10 update download tutorial

6. At the end, a message indicates that the installation is complete. This is the time to close all open programs and click ” Restart now to let the operating system update to version 22H2. The PC will be completely unavailable during this phase, allow several minutes to find an operational computer (duration depending on the performance of the machine). There is nothing else to do but wait at this stage of the process.

windows 10 tutorial reboot w10

windows 10 tutorial reboot w10

7. A series of questions may be asked after the computer restarts. Respond to it if necessary.

8. Finally, back to the Windows 10 Desktop. A message confirms that the update was successful:

windows 10 update ok

15. To confirm the correct installation of the update, you can check W10 version number in System Properties: right click on the start buttonThen System :

windows 10 tutorial system start menu

16. See “Windows Specifications” to find the line ” Version which should now read ” 22H2 » :

tutoriel Windows 10 22H2 2022 update

PS: the installation date indicated does not correspond to the update date applied at the moment.

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