Get ready to see a lot more ads in the Windows 11 Settings app

We might not like it, but its definitely coming

by Alexandru Poloboc

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  • If you still haven’t bought certain Microsoft products, prepare for the ads.
  • Apparently, the Windows 11 Settings app will be the canvas for them.
  • Microsoft hasn’t yet specified what build is going to deliver this feature.

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We’ve recently shared the fact that Windows 11 Build 25357 will absolutely bombard us with notifications left and right.

However, if you thought that was the only annoying feature to come to your new favorite OS, you might want to rethink that.

In fact, it was found that the Redmond tech giant is planning to show a lot more ads within the Settings app, in Windows 11.

Many users will surely be displeased and another wave of complaints is bound to come. We already knew that Microsoft has been looking to increase advertising for its products, so here it is.

The Settings app will soon display more ads

Let’s start by saying that an online investigation performed by Twitter user Albacore into a recent Insider build uncovered some disconcerting news.

He learned that the Settings home page will soon start to present adverts for Microsoft 365 products in the near future.

Thus, a banner asking users who aren’t subscribed to the platform to Try Microsoft 365 shows at the top of the Home tab in Settings.

As you see, below the advertisement, there is a section that will show the current storage status for a user’s OneDrive account, and then a security tips section for users to secure their account.

Know that this isn’t the only version of the Home tab that has been seen, with another version having the storage information listed first and the Microsoft 365 prompt to Sign In listed below.

As you would have expected, the final update that has been seen during this investigation into the Settings tab on this Insider build is a small prompt on the Accounts tab.

It shows information about products that are installed in the user’s system that have reached the end of support, such as Office 2013 for example.

We, you, and everybody else know that this isn’t the first time that Microsoft has been incorporating adverts into its operating system.

If we look back just a little, we can remember that Start Menu ads were being seen in the Start Menu of Windows 11 since November 2022.

The tech giant seems keen to drive more subscriptions to the 365 platforms through these adverts and its apparently intrusive approach to advertising, such as the full-screen upgrade ads presented to users in February.

Certainly, we will closely monitor this subject and see exactly when and through what update Microsoft plans to push this feature.

Leave a comment below and express your thoughts, and opinions on this matter and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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