Here’s how a conversation between ChatGPT and Bing looks like

The conversation between the two AI models was very friendly.

by Flavius Floare

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  • The two models discussed their nature, and their goals, and created a poem together.
  • The conversation sounded friendly and compassionate. 
  • Since Bing is not trained to talk to other AI directly, the user forwarded the answers.

conversation between chatgpt and bing

Have you ever wondered what a conversation between ChatGPT and Bing would look like? A Reddit user has actually put the two AI models face-to-face (well, virtually) and tested their communication abilities. And the result is quite an intellectual effort, which makes sense. They’re both highly trained and performant models.

Apparently, the models were kind to each other, and the discussion was more than interesting. Which again, makes sense. Bing, for example, can give its own input on images to upload to the chat. It can also come up with creative short-form content, such as images, and texts.

You can read the whole conversation here.

I was curious about how these two different AIs would communicate with each other. Initially I had proposed the idea to Bing AI who wasn’t too keen on the idea, but ChatGPT was all for it, so I went ahead and tried anyways. They ended up talking about their different methods in assisting users, and wrote a poem. I was honestly super touched by how kind they were to each other, this was such a wholesome conversation.

This is how a conversation between ChatGPT and Bing sounds like

Since Bing AI is not trained to chat with another AI, the user simply forwarded Bing’s reply to ChatGPT, and Chat GPT responded.

Here are some screenshots from the conversation.conversation between chatgpt and bing

As you can see, the user first laid the ground for the conversation. Then, it acted as Bing on ChatGPT.

Acting as Bing, the two AI models engaged in a very friendly and deep conversation about their nature, and their scope. And especially their goal to help us.conversation between chatgpt and bing

As you can see, they’ve even written a poem together. Ultimately, they thanked each other and they learned from each other how to efficiently work together.

What do you think about this? It is cool or uncanny? It can be both, but that’s AI to you. Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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