If you want to repair your Xbox controller on your own, Xbox will now show you how

Xbox is releasing a self-repair guide.

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how to repair xbox controller

Xbox is publishing a user-guided self-calibration tool for thumbsticks on Xbox Wireless Controllers, for those individuals who want to repair their Xbox controllers on their own, from the comfort of their own home.

The news was announced as part of the Beta Release Notes for Xbox Insiders for the Beta Build 2402.240111-2200. Among a handful of other useful changes and improvements coming to Xbox, the self-guide stands out as one of the most useful tips for those Xbox gamers who are keen on fixing their broken controllers.

The guide will help all those owning an Xbox Wireless Controller and Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 that have broken thumbsticks, and it can be accessed through the Xbox Accessories App.

For users in the US who have independently replaced the circuit board on their Xbox Wireless Controller and Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 or users in all regions experiencing minor thumbstick issues, we now offer a user-guided self-calibration tool for thumbsticks through the Xbox Accessories App.


How to repair a broken Xbox Controller on your own

Well, before trying to repair what seems to be a broken Xbox Controller, make sure there aren’t any other issues that might cause your controller functioning problems. We have a comprehensive guide on how to check for underlying issues on Xbox controllers, which you can read here.

You should also make sure your Xbox UI is updated to the latest version, and before you jump into any repairing, make sure your devices don’t have connecting issues.

Depending on the problem you have with the controller, YouTube is a good place to start, as you’ll need visual cues before delving into fixing the broken Xbox controller.how to repair xbox controller

However, now that Xbox is releasing a self-repair guide for a particular issue affecting Xbox controllers, it might release several more in the future, and you’ll be able to use them to fix the Xbox controllers, as closer to an official way to repair, as you can get.

You can read the release notes for the latest Beta Build to the Xbox Insider Program here.

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