Intel proposes Siliconomy, an AI-enhanced market economy

Siliconomy envisions a future where technology will help us solve the current issues.

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  • Siliconomy envisions a technology-enhanced future.
  • It uses many technology developments, including AI, to create a sustainable future.
  • Intel will discuss the concept at its Innovation 2023 event.

siliconomy intel

Intel is holding its Intel Innovation 2023 event this week, on September 19-20, 2023, and one of the central themes of this conference will be the Siliconomy, a term first introduced by the Intel CEO, Pat Gelsinger, earlier this year.

According to the tech giant, Siliconomy stands for a perpetual interconnectivity between technology and everyday life. In shorter terms, it’s the impact technology has in our life, and vice-versa. And, if we’re talking about the age of AI, Silicomy makes a lot of sense.

Intel says it will explore the concept at the Intel Innovation 2023 conference, where it hopes the term will gain traction.

On Sept. 19-20, Intel leaders introduce the ‘Siliconomy’ and its role in a world where artificial intelligence is delivering a generational shift in computing.

You can still sign up for the event, in case you want to find out more about the concept. But if not, rest assured. We’ll explain it to you.

Intel’s Siliconomy can be the future of technology

Pat Gelsinger, Intel’s CEO, offers two formal definitions for Siliconomy.

  1. Siliconomy is the structure or conditions of life in a new era of global expansion where computing is foundational to a bigger opportunity and better future for every person on the planet.
  2. Siliconomy is an evolving economy enabled by the magic of silicon where semiconductors are essential to maintaining and enabling modern economies.

In other words, the concept brings economy and technology together to offer a sustainable approach to the way people live their lives, and corporations do their business. siliconomy intel

We’ve seen it and we’ll see it: technology has become an essential part of society, and every one of us has access to a lot of information due to it. Even more, recent technology development, including AI, allows us to become independent, and self-reliant.

Microsoft has put an emphasis on AI, and technology, as you might have seen already, is allowing us to explore creative territories and so much more in a matter of seconds.

Well, AI is part of Siliconomy, together with 4 other technology developments, according to Gelsinger.

  1. Compute – For everything there is a computer, and it defines the way we look at and experience the world.
  2. Connectivity – Everything and everyone is connected.
  3. Infrastructure – Technology is creating a dynamic reliable path for data storage and connected computing.
  4. Sensing – Breakthroughs in low-cost, high-resolution sensors create massive amounts of data from smart devices at the edge.

Finally, together with AI, which in Gelsinger’s words, turns infinite data into actionable insights, these are the pillars Siliconomy is built.

Depending on your point, Siliconomy can be the future of technology: leveraging it, to create infinite potential everywhere with minimal and sustainable resources.

But it would create a technology-dependent world, which would leave us vulnerable in case of upcoming changes, such as climate change and other issues.

However, what’s your take on this? Let us hear your opinions.

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