Is 2024 really the year of PC AI? Some still cling to Windows 7

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Windows 11 is focusing heavily on AI thanks to the built-in Copilot, but despite this feature, many are still using Windows 7 in 2024!

According to Windows user statistics from StatCounter, 3.35% are still on Windows 7 and refusing to upgrade. Why would someone still use Windows 7 in 2024, you ask? Buckle up while we try to find out!

Is AI integration enough for users to make a switch?

Copilot AI is built into Windows 11 and it can generate AI summaries for Word documents among many other things. There are also rumors that you might be able to run Copilot locally on your PC.

While Copilot is available in the browser, it’s unknown whether users can access it on Windows 7. The service requires a modern browser to work, and with developers dropping support for Windows 7, running Copilot online seems unlikely.

Is Windows 7 still OK to use?

Using this version comes with several drawbacks, with the following being the most prominent:

  • Obtaining Windows 7 ISO is impossible through legitimate means, meaning you can’t reinstall it if any issues occur.
  • No security updates since the extended support period has ended last year. This means new threats can cause havoc on your PC if you’re not careful.
  • Many applications, including antivirus software and browsers, don’t work on Windows 7 anymore. This affects both your security and everyday use.

Why do many still refuse to move on from Windows 7?

We did some research and found a post from Reddit users on why they still use Windows 7.  

Some are familiar with the risks, but despite that, they want to keep using it, most likely due to familiarity:

There’s no point arguing or trying to convince people. We all know the risks. Just use it and if anyone asks why then just tell them.

Many users aren’t pleased with the complexity of newer systems and the potential issues that come with it:

Meanwhile Microsoft adds more complexity and attack surface and bugs to Windows 10 and 11.

Others are concerned about telemetry features and data collecting.

And it irks me when Microsoft was OK injecting telemetry into Windows 7 and the horrible UI decisions in Win10 are still something I notice on a regular basis.

If you’re concerned about this as well, we have a great guide on how to disable Windows 11 telemetry that can help you get your privacy back.

It seems that many have major gripes regarding the UI and telemetry features on Windows 10 and Windows 11, and the introduction of AI support won’t make them switch.

If you’re one of those users, we have a great guide on how to stay on Windows 7 that you might find interesting. However, if you want to make a switch, don’t miss our Windows 11 vs Windows 7 comparison guide to learn more.

Are you still on Windows 7, and if so, why? Let us know in the comments.

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