Leaks reveal we will be able to install multiple Cloud PC providers

by Alexandru Poloboc

Alexandru Poloboc

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  • Tech-savvy Windows 11 users have uncovered more about the future of the OS.
  • With Windows 12,  Microsoft could be planning a new CorePC modular approach.
  • Check out the latest rumors, gossip, and leaks available on this popular topic here.

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This is all everyone talks about lately, so we might as well take a closer look at the topic and discover more about it.

On that note, over the last month or so, there have been countless reports and discussions regarding how Microsoft is shaping the future of Windows.

These rumors actually suggest that with Next Valley, or Windows 12, Microsoft could be planning a move back to revive its Windows 10X ambitions with a new CorePC modular approach.

Microsoft is gearing up to further change the OS

In truth, the previously leaked prototype UI for Next Valley also makes sense in this regard. Now, recent leaks caught some by surprise, but the results seem to be what we all expected.

Remember that a senior exec has already presented how cloud and AI are going to play a big role in next-gen systems.

Thus, the tech giant seems to be slowly adding Cloud PC options inside the Settings app. Aside from those, we now have more changes in the recent Canary Insider build 25330.

Taking a quick look at Twitter will reveal the Cloud PC option will soon allow users to link multiple Cloud PC providers.

As the above-mentioned post informs us, there is a prerequisite. And, by that, we mean that a registered Cloud PC remote system will be necessary.

And, just as you might have expected, these features are of course hidden at the moment but can be enabled using ViVeTool IDs (34508225, 40459297, 42354458, 42453017).

Please keep in mind that we don’t recommend you do that though, especially on your own machine, since these features are still a work in progress and hence can be quite unstable.

We will keep a close eye on what happens next and report to you as soon as new information becomes available.

How do you feel about these new changes? Be sure to let us know in the dedicated comments section located below.

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