Microsoft computer accessories revived with Incase partnership

by Kareem Anderson

Kareem Anderson

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Incase - Designed by Microsoft accessories

Last year, Microsoft announced it would be shuttering its accessories business as it focused its hardware efforts on its first party Surface device line.

Fortunately for fans of Microsoft designed peripherals, a new partnership with case protector manufacturer Incase will revive those abandoned projects and make them available for customers in the coming weeks.

Incase, known mostly for designing well-crafter Apple accessories, slips, covers, carrying cases and the occasional backpack, will now be tasked with selling the entirety of Microsoft’s PC accessory portfolio in 2024, now branded as Designed by Microsoft.

Customers can head over to the Incase website to sign up to be among the first to buy some of Microsoft’s bestselling wireless keyboard and mice combos that include the Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop duo, the Designer Compact Keyboard, Modern Mobile Mouse, as well as the recent Designed for Teams: Certified devices.

Incase is proud to announce that we’ll be offering Incase Designed by Microsoft starting in 2024. As a brand-new line of computer accessories, Incase Designed by Microsoft brings together Microsoft’s 30-year legacy of expertise and innovation with Incase’s decades of unrivaled performance and sought-after style. We believe in creating a better experience through good design and there’s nothing that can stop us from revealing our first 23 designed by Microsoft computer accessories later this year. 


Back in 2020 Microsoft rolled out a selection of speakers, docks, webcams, and headsets that were all geared towards use with its enterprise chat app, Teams. Now, in 2024 Incase will be the new arbiter of devices such as the Modern USB-C Speaker, mountable Modern Webcam, Audio Dock, and lightweight Modern Wireless Headset, among others.

Incase has kept Microsoft’s minimalistic and Surface-like design of the devices intact, only replacing Microsoft’s iconic Windows logo on hardware with its own leaf logo.

Microsoft was known to offer some of its devices in differing colorways such as its Surface-grey or bolder colors like Maroon, Blue, Olive Green and more, and based on the imaging from the site, there looks like a possibility that Incase will do the same, at least for the mice and the Designer Compact Keyboard.

As of now, there is a sign-up area fans can sign up for to get news about the eventual roll out these rereleased Designed by Microsoft accessories in 2024, but there is no official date listed on the site.

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