Microsoft Copilot is now an Android app

Microsoft has launched Copilot as a dedicated Android app now available on the Google Play Store. While Microsoft’s AI chatbot assistant has previously been available on Android mobile devices via the Bing mobile app, users can now access the feature outside of the Bing search engine (Copilot now has a dedicated domain:

This rather quiet launch is part of a push to move Microsoft Copilot to a standalone experience. Android users simply looking for Copilot’s AI features should expect a more uncluttered experience with Copilot for Android in comparison to the Bing app. Reportedly, a similar application for iOS is in the works and very nearly ready for primetime. In the meantime iOS users can access Copilot features via the Bing App on Apple’s app store.

As per the app’s description on the Google Play Store app page:

Improve Your Productivity with Copilot–Your AI-Powered Chat Assistant
Copilot is a pioneering chat assistant from Microsoft powered by the latest OpenAI models, GPT-4 and DALL·E 3. These advanced AI technologies provide fast, complex, and precise responses, as well as the ability to create breathtaking visuals from simple text descriptions.
Chat and create all in one place—for free!

As seen in the description, the Copilot Android app (for Android 11 or newer) is free and no login to a Microsoft account is required to use the app, though signing in will reportedly allow for a more robust experience when using the chatbot. Users can expect most of the standard Copilot features available with the desktop version of Copilot, including the Image Creator, with the ability to save images directly to your device’s gallery.

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