Microsoft Edge contributes to the new and improved, Speedometer 3.0

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Edge is getting better with each passing day, and Microsoft doesn’t appear as pushy anymore. In the latest series of developments, Microsoft Edge, in collaboration with cross-industry browser vendors, has contributed to Speedometer 3.0, the latest version.

Speedometer is a browser benchmark primarily used by developers to compare the performance of individual browsers or different versions of the same browser. It is also often used to find the fastest browsers.

Microsoft’s contribution to Speedometer 3.0, which comes with significant improvements and more tests, is a new Complex DOM set of tests.

In the official blog post, the Microsoft Edge Team highlights how they have collaborated with several web applications to address existing performance and scalability issues through a deep analysis of application software stacks, performance profiles, and architecture.

These investigations have consistently shown that the complexity of the DOM and CSS rules is an important driver of end-user perceived latency. Inefficient patterns, often encouraged by popular frameworks, have exacerbated the problem, creating new performance cliffs within modern web applications. The new Complex DOM tests perform DOM mutations in the context of a large DOM tree, which trigger a cascade of costly CSS selector matching operations and style recalculations.

The Complex DOM set of tests contributed by Microsoft Edge to Speedometer 3.0 helps identify a website’s performance when several different styling rules need to be applied to the existing elements.

You can run the improved Speedometer 3.0 on your web browser and test its performance against the set benchmarks.

Speedometer 3.0 Score

Remember, Speedometer 3.0‘s score is more suited for comparison on a personal level. It doesn’t feature a global ranking. For instance, you can use Speedometer 3.0 to identify which browser works best on your PC.

What’s your Speedometer 3.0’s score? Share with our readers in the comments section.

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