Microsoft Edge’s market share growth falls behind Safari

The market growth number for April 2023 is out.

by Rafly Gilang

Rafly Gilang

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  • Microsoft’s browser, Edge, has been people’s second favorite browser for months after Chrome.
  • However, it seems like Apple’s Safari is slowly catching up with Edge.
  • It is, indeed, not a good look for Redmond officials.

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Edge is Microsoft’s favorite browser, but it’s not that popular among Apple users. Redmond giant has been trying to convince users to switch to Edge since Windows 10 was launched years ago, but according according to GS StatCounter’s recent statistics, Edge’s market share fell short to 10.95% in April 2023 compared to Apple Safari’s 11.89%.

As a quick reminder, in the previous month (March 2023), Microsoft Edge had a total market share of 11.13%, right above Safari’s 10.92%. In February, it gained more users but the trend seemed to show that Safari was slowly catching up with Microsoft’s browser.

Indeed, Edge is slowly gaining more users, but this is not nearly enough to become a real threat for Google’s browser. Chrome remains the most popular browser among Windows users, with an impressive 66.22% market share in April 2023, up from 65.77% in March.

Edge, however, has always been the the second most popular browser in the market for months, but it seems like the trend is slowly shifting despite Microsoft’s numerous attempts in revitalizing the browser.

How come Microsoft Edge’s market share growth is falling?

microsoft edge market share growth

The Redmond giant recently rolled out the biggest build update in recent months, revealing many juicy features that will definitely make it more appealing to users.

Earlier this year, Redmond officials rolled out ChatGPT-powered Bing chat mode, allowing you to search the web even deeper with help of the hotly-anticipated AI product. And, with the release of its latest version GPT-4, it seems like the mode will be more powerful than ever.

And, as we’ve previously reported, Microsoft just rolled out Designer, an AI-powered tool where you can create social media posts through prompt texts. While you can still access it on any browser, it’s built-in natively on Edge Canary before eventually rolling out for general users.

Do you use Microsoft Edge or plan to switch to the default browser of Windows 11? Let us know in the comments!

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