Microsoft Rewards debuts new Weekly Console Bonus for Xbox users

Apparently, it’s rolling out gradually to users everywhere.

by Flavius Floare

Flavius Floare

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Weekly Console Bonus

A while ago, Microsoft sort of introduced a new Microsoft Rewards system for Xbox, specifically, when a Brazilian Xbox user posted on X (formerly known as Twitter) a screenshot detailing how this new system works.

The new Xbox rewards system was due to be released in December, as the post detailed, but somehow Microsoft didn’t release it back then. The Redmond-based tech giant hasn’t said anything about it either, however, this week, Xbox users noticed a brand-new Weekly Console Bonus within the Microsoft Rewards platform.

The new feature rewards Xbox users daily by playing on Xbox every day of the week. It comes with certain tasks and quests, and it follows a gamification structure that can be very motivating to follow, with apps such as Duolingo, for example, proving why this structure is effective.

There are certain quests, such as Use the Xbox app, or Play a PC game, or Play a game on console, that will reward players with 5 to 50 points just by simply completing them.

How to access the new Weekly Console Bonus

As you can see in the image below, the new Weekly Console Bonus has a pretty structured UI, where you can easily catch up and follow up with the tasks.

The quests reset every Monday, and the app also shows the total points users manage to gather in a single week: this is also good, as it will keep users up to date with their progress.Weekly Console Bonus

It seems that Microsoft is gradually rolling out the new app, as not everybody has it. According to the Reddit user who posted the image, they suddenly got it when opening the Xbox app on mobile.

Countless other users can see it as well, and for some, it works, for others, it doesn’t. And many users don’t have access to it yet.

The play a game on console isn’t popping for me. Edit: it just popped for me.

Reddit user

It popped up to me, but I can’t get the reward no matter what. Even tho I played games on the console all day before I saw that quest and after

Reddit user

I got it too. And so far the “play a game on console” for 5 pts ain’t working.

Reddit user

For now, it seems that it’s rolling out gradually to users everywhere in the world, and some players are only getting 250 weekly points, instead of the 500 pictured in the image above, so the new Weekly Console Bonus could be quite unstable, as we speak.

Either way, to access it, make sure your Xbox app has the latest updates installed, as this might be showing up on your app on any day now.

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