Microsoft Syntex is now available to tenants in different locations

According to the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, the availability should be granted this October.

by Flavius Floare

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Microsft Syntex, a service that uses AI to create, process, and manage content, was released a year ago to Microsoft 365 users. The service promised back then to offer AI-enhanced ways to deal with great quantities of content, at an enterprise level.

Microsoft Syntex integrates with the flow of work, according to Microsoft, meaning that the service is used naturally and instinctually by Microsoft 365 users.

And now, a year after its release, Microsoft is making it possible for one Syntex account to be accessed by multiple tenants spanning multiple regions around the world. Starting this month, Microsoft Syntext will bring its capabilities all around the world, according to the latest entry in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap.

With this release, Syntex capabilities such as document processing, image tagging, taxonomy tagging, content assembly, and OCR are available in the non-primary region of multi-geo tenants.


Microsoft Syntex available in the non-primary region of multi-geo tenants

But what does it mean? Well, Microsoft came up with the multi-geo tenancy a while ago, earlier this year.

In a Multi-Geo configuration, a Microsoft 365 setup is similar to a big company with a main office and several branch offices.

Even though the offices are in different locations, they all belong to the same company and are managed by the same team and tenancy. This setup allows everyone in the company, no matter where they are located, to work together seamlessly. microsoft syntex

However, Microsoft Syntex now allows for multiple tenants across different geographies to work together in a seamless way, while all having access to the same setup. This means that no information will be lost, even though Syntex will be administrated by different tenants across the organization.

The new availability will be expanded starting this month, according to the roadmap, and every organization that uses Microsoft Syntex will now be able to benefit from it.

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