Microsoft Teams becomes easier to use, as it introduces several simplifying features

These features will be released in January/February 2024.

by Flavius Floare

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microsoft teams simplifying features

The new Microsoft Teams app has finally become available on every platform, including VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), as Microsoft recently announced. The new version of the platform is faster, easier, and more intuitive to use, and it sports AI features, such as Copilot.

But aside from Copilot, the new Teams will also integrate features that will allow for a better experience while using the platform.

For instance, this new version will soon debut chat sealing options, in a bid to prevent data leaks from Teams chats. The best thing? It will be very easy to use, and it prevents standard leaking methods, such as copy/paste and email forwarding, from happening. This means individuals who want to leak data from Teams chats will have to the extra mile to do so, a method that will discourage leaking altogether.

Now, according to the latest entries in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, Microsoft Teams will get a couple of simplifying features coming to the platform in January 2024.

Microsoft Teams will debut 4 simplifying features for easier use of the platform

Simplified channel creation

Microsoft Teams will add the option to simply create a channel by clicking the + button in the Teams app. The feature will be released to Teams on all platforms, including desktop, and mobile devices.

Simplified team create

Creating a team in Microsoft Teams will now employ a new default experience that will create a team from scratch, which is easier and simpler, according to Microsoft. This new feature will also be released on all teams simplifying features

Chat between multi-tenant organization contacts will default to external chat

Microsoft Teams will also debut a feature that will turn B2B 1:1 chats into external chats with a single conversation thread. These chats will be available as read-only, and they will be easier and simpler to manage.

The feature is coming to all platforms, desktop and mobile.

Control your activity notifications from the activity card

The platform will also make it easier for users to control what’s happening in their activity feeds, by managing it directly from the activity card, just by clicking on its ellipsis.

However, this feature will only be available for Microsoft Teams for the Web.

As we mentioned earlier, all of these features are coming to Microsoft Teams in January 2024, so it’s a good way to start the year.

In other news, the roadmap for Microsoft 365 also unveiled that Copilot will finally be visible in the Teams app section, starting February 2024. This means Teams users can easily access the AI tool, and use it to find files, organize text and documents, and even summarize and compose messages in Teams.

The future looks bright for Microsoft Teams, right? What do you think?

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