Microsoft Teams’ new channels experience: everything you need to know

The new experience is now available everywhere.

by Flavius Floare

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microsoft teams channels experience

Microsoft Teams debuted a new channel experience this week, which increases productivity all around, as the Redmond-based tech giant states. The new experience is available on both classic and the new Teams, also dubbed Teams 2.0. It’s worth mentioning that the new Teams is now the default client for this app, as Microsoft announced earlier this month.

The new channels experience, now generally available in classic and new Teams, makes it easier to focus on key topics, engage with the right stakeholders, and find specific information so your team can accomplish more together.

Microsoft Teams

The new channels experience brings forward a revamp of the Teams channels, and Microsoft says this change will improve collaboration and productivity.

Channels make it possible for teams and workgroups of all sizes to collaborate in a dedicated virtual workspace organized by topic. Yet, our observations revealed that many customers were not using channels to their full capacity. In developing the new channels experience, we embraced customer feedback, user research input, and trends across communication platforms to transform channels and improve workgroup productivity.


Microsoft Teams’ new channel experience: Everything you need to know

Enhanced in-channel search experience

Teams channels now have a new find in channel search button, integrated within the channel information pane. Teams users will be able to quickly find anything with the new option without ever leaving the current screen, as you can see teams channels experience

A new conversion view in Teams channels

The new conversion views in channels will act similarly to any chat app, and users will be able to create threads on important conversations. Plus, Microsoft made it easier to work while chatting, with the pop-out option, which will let users pop up their chats, and with the pinning option, which allows users to pin important topics. microsoft teams channels experience

Recent posts and compose box

Teams has made it possible for users to place recent posts and compose box everywhere they want, effectively allowing them to customize their Teams layout.

Plus, as you might already know, Microsoft Teams is also getting a revamped compose box. We’ve written about its simplified version a while ago, which will include Copilot too, and it will be released in December. But until then, the revamped compose box should be just as useful. microsoft teams channels experience

Microsoft is also releasing a redesigned information pane in Teams, that offers more info on the channel, such as the channel’s description, member list, and pinned conversations.

The new Microsoft Teams channels experience is available everywhere, now, so if these features are interesting to you, you might want to try them out now.

And let us know your experience with them.

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