Microsoft Viva Engage: How to use Insights & Goals

Good news: the new rebrand does not remove any previous functionality

by Rafly Gilang

Rafly Gilang

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  • Microsoft completes its rebrand of Yammer to Viva Engage.
  • The journey started in 2022 when the tech giant announced Microsoft Viva as the first integrated employee experience platform for the hybrid work era. 
  • Already in the pipeline are several additional features for the Viva suite and Microsoft Viva Topics users.

Over a decade ago, Microsoft purchased Yammer for over $1 billion, then included it in all enterprise plans of Microsoft 365 and Teams. Now, the social networking service, which sometimes is barred by error on Chrome, is being retired and integrated into its employee experience platforms, Viva and Viva Engange. 

Starting March 2023, the total rebrand comes to its full circle. The tech giant launched Viva in February 2021 as a platform living inside Microsoft Teams and its answer to the challenge of the growing hybrid workforce.

Confusing? We’d think so too. After all, why does Microsoft have two apps of practically the same service? To answer that, throughout 2023, Microsoft will impose several drastic changes by changing the existing Yammer mobile and web app to Viva Engage. 

“In the coming year, all of Yammer will become Viva Engage, retiring the Yammer brand. In addition, we’ll continue to enhance Viva Engage with new capabilities that spur leadership engagement, authentic expression, events, and knowledge discovery, including new experiences rolling out today.”

All the power of Yammer is coming to Viva, which means there will be no changes to the features and current pricing plans. Viva is currently living inside all Microsoft 365 and Office 365 plans for the enterprise. For $9 per user/month, organizations can access Viva’s additional services such as Connections, Engage, Learning, Insights, Topics, Goals, and Sales.

Viva Insight, which also lives inside Microsoft Teams, pans out personalized insights to help you finish your next task and build better work habits by aggregating data from emails, meetings, calls, and chats in one go. 

With Goals, organizations can align their members to their strategies by mapping out all the key objectives required to achieve the results, in a place where everyone can see. 

How can I use Insight & Goals in Microsoft Viva Engage?

1. Ask your organization’s administrator whether your company collaborates on Microsoft Viva. Check on Viva’s price plans hereBuy now.

2. Depending on the plan, all the features will be inside Microsoft Teams. Only Viva Suite users get access to Insight & Goals. Click on Insight on your left screen. 

3. Or, click on Goals, which also is on your left screen.

Additionally, the new Viva also means a worldwide rollout for the Viva suite and Microsoft Viva Topics customers for features that were only available on Engage back then. Those features include AMA events, a campaign planner, AI-powered learning tool Answer, and advanced analytics. 

Are you excited about this rollout? Let us know in the comments!

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