Microsoft will allegedly open source Orca 13B

You’ll be able to study it and build your own AI model.

by Flavius Floare

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  • Research done by Microsoft shows how small AI models rival the big ones.
  • Orca is a small AI model which quickly grew to outrival ChatGPT.
  • The model will be open source to the public soon.

microsoft orca open source

In some flashing news about AI, Microsoft will allegedly open source Orca 13B, according to some passionate AI enthusiasts.

What is Orca? Well, Microsoft says Orca is a 13-billion parameter model that learns to imitate the reasoning process of LFMs. In our case, LFMs are large foundation models. Think about chatGPT, openAI, or another large comprehensive AI tool that generates responses.

The research funded by Microsoft has founded that Orca learns how to develop answers from GPT 4, including explanation traces, step-by-step thought processes, and other complex instructions. Despite not even being as big as ChatGPT, Orca manages to reach parity with it when it comes to BBH benchmarks.

Orca even shows competitive performance in professional and academic examinations like the SAT, LSAT, GRE, and GMAT.

Why is this important? Well, Orca is a very small AI-model, compared to ChatGPT. The fact that it can be easily built by a few people and still perform the same as ChatGPT is an important breakthrough in technology.

When will Microsoft open source Orca 13B?

While we don’t have a definite answer, Microsoft will most likely open source Orca 13B in the following months, especially after it has proved its capabilities.

If the model becomes open source, then users will be able to dissect it and learn how to develop and train their own models as well. Or Orca can simply become enhanced with the users’ input and ideas.

This initiative is closely following Microsoft’s huge interest in AI. Remember that a lot of AI features are coming to Windows 11 very soon, including the native Copilot. In the next update, you’ll be able to work seamlessly with Copilot’s orca open source

Microsoft Fabric will be another tool that will benefit from AI to make your work much easier. Microsoft Teams is already enhanced with the power of artificial intelligence to ease the work of organizations. Not to mention, Microsoft Store is also getting an AI revamp.

So naturally, Microsoft’s research on the latest Orca models once proves the validity of AI in the modern world, especially when it comes to technology.

Encouraging users to observe, learn, and develop their models while using an already small AI model such as Orca. This will open the possibility to build and incorporate AI technology in every field.

Make sure to check Microsoft’s research on the Orca, to see just how interestingly it could learn to rival the big AI models.

As we’re sure this AI trend continues, we’re very curious about your opinion on the subject. Where do you think this will go? Let us hear what you think in the comments section below.

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