Morpheus AI will help you make the best investment decisions

Microsoft is backing up its web3 support with an AI partnership meant to help users navigate the DeFi landscape safer.

by Flavius Floare

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  • LeverFi x Microsoft partnership brings up Morpheus AI.
  • The tool will help users navigate the turbulent DeFi landscape.
  • However, the two companies apparently have other collaborations in the works.

morpheus ai

In the latest AI news of the week, LeverFi, the popular leveraging platform, announced that it has partnered up with Microsoft, to launch a decentralized finance solution with Morpheus AI.

We are excited to share that LeverFi is working with Microsoft to launch and develop A.I. decentralized finance solutions that reduce user complexity and monitor on-chain portfolios. This will be done using the Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, which is the market leading service for rapid machine learning and large data analytics.


LeverFi, a company that is already offering DeFi (Decentralized Finance) solutions, will use Microsoft Azure OpenAI Services to develop and release Morpheus AI. The company says Microsoft is the main partner in this endeavor, but the Redmond-based tech giant hasn’t said anything about the partnership yet.

However, Microsoft clearly supports the new web3 technologies, and the company has been at the forefront of AI right from the start, so it seems plausible to encourage AI solutions.

And LeverFi claims that Morpheus AI will help their users as much as the company has helped them, so far, while also offering advice on making the best investments.

Morpheus AI – LeverFi x Microsoft’s learning assistant

According to LeverFi, Morpheus AI is a portfolio management assistant that will help you navigate the decentralized finance world by providing you with the best portfolio management insights and live-on chain monitoring.morpheus ai

Morpheus AI will do so through its intuitive learning that detects and responds to market anomalies. The tool has two central engines:

  1. The protocol engine: Morpheus will scans, track, and will also aim to be the first to react and protect users in the event of security exploits or protocol risks.
  2. The user engine: Morpheus will help you monitor portfolio positions and be the first to react and protect if market conditions suddenly deteriorate; it will also aim to help you mitigate loss scenarios.

These two engines will make Morpheus the best AI assistant to have when navigating the DeFI landscape, which LeverFi says it will be done with much greater control and confidence.

And LeverFi’s partnership with Microsoft doesn’t stop at Morpheus AI: the company and the Redmond-based tech giant have other collaborations in store.

In addition to Morpheus, we are also excited to work on new solutions with Microsoft and its world-class scalable A.I. infrastructure, in particular around asset tokenization, real world assets and on/off-chain settlements.

What do you think about it? Do you see Morpheus AI as a viable solution to navigate the DeFI landscape? Let us know in the comments section below.

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