OneDrive’s new features enable more web management to sync files

The two new options are coming to OneDrive for Web in December.

by Flavius Floare

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  • OneDrive for Web’s newest Free up space option will make sure the on-demand files won’t occupy local storage space.
  • The new options essentially allow users to access their OneDrive accounts from any device, without worrying about exposing their files to those devices’ admins.

onedrive files on demand

OneDrive on-demand allows for OneDrive to keep the cloud files available to download on your Windows device. When you want to access them, you’ll just have to ask (or demand) OneDrive to download them.

While the feature was released to OneDrive several years ago, Microsoft is releasing two new options for OneDrive for Web, that will allow users to have greater control over OneDrive files.

The new options – Always keep on this device, and Free up space – will soon be available on OneDrive for Web for synced files. How soon? Well, there will be a preview of these features in November 2023, with a rollout starting in December 2023.

The Files On-Demand options of “Always keep on this device” and “Free up space” will soon be made available on OneDrive for Web for your synced files. 


These two features will basically allow for better management of the sync files on Windows devices. Here’s how.

OneDrive: Files on Demand for Web

According to Microsoft, the new features will allow users to be able to select files and folders to be always available offline on their device directly from within the browser. Users won’t have to navigate away to File Explorer or Finder to perform this action.

Even more, OneDrive will download the files, and they’ll take up space on the local computer. But the cool part is that users will also be able to Free up space by selecting a file or folder that they previously marked as Always keep on this device. By doing so, the files will no longer take up local storage space.onedrive files on demand

These features will not only give users better management of sync files, but they will also be able to use OneDrive for Web even if the local device doesn’t have a lot of free space left.

Plus, they won’t have to worry about accessing OneDrive from foreign desktop devices, as the ability to free up space will make sure that the files won’t stay on that desktop device’s local storage after usage.

What do you think about these new features coming to OneDrive for Web?

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