Outlook for Windows is getting a brand new menu experience with these 3 new features

The features will be released to Outlook for Windows and Web in March.

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Outlook for Windows

Outlook for Windows and Web will be getting a brand-new UI experience starting March 2024, all thanks to 3 new features, according to the latest entries in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap.

The features will not only improve the UI experience, as Microsoft states, but it will also give users new ways and new shortcuts to work faster in Outlook. Plus, keeping it tied to the UI, Microsoft will also implement a new way to organize the Outlook menu.

We’re talking about organizing and reordering folders in Outlook for Windows and the Web:

Users can arrange folders in any desired order effortlessly by dragging and dropping the folders in the position that they want.


Then, users will have three new shortcuts to experience:

  • Ctrl + Drag and Drop: will allow users to duplicate email items.
  • Ctrl C + Ctrl V: will allow users to easily copy/paste email items.

We’re thrilled to introduce two new ways to copy email items in the new Outlook for web and Windows that will make your email management even more seamless and efficient. Ctrl + Drag and Drop: Simply hold down the Ctrl key while dragging and dropping your email items to effortlessly duplicate them. It’s a quick and intuitive way to manage your emails with precision. Ctrl C + Ctrl V: For those who prefer the classic copy-and-paste method, we’ve got you covered! Just use Ctrl C to copy the email item and Ctrl V to paste it wherever you need.


However, the most important of them, the UI revamp, promises some significant changes to Outlook for Windows and Web.

What are all the changes coming to Outlook for Windows and Web in March 2024?

  • The removal of creation links.
  • A new ellipsis icon.

According to Microsoft, creation links will be removed to prove a more streamlined experience in Outlook, greatly impacting the way users interact with the platform. The removal of the creation links will also create a more spacious and organized Outlook, for more efficient work.

A new ellipsis icon will be added to Outlook for Windows and Web, and it will allow users to easily and intuitively create and execute folders, and subfolders. The interesting aspect about this new icon is that it will instantly appear in the left nav bar when hovering existing folders and subfolders.

Microsoft says this will ensure a smoother workflow for Outlook for Windows and Web users.

We’re thrilled to bring you an enhanced folder creation experience! In this update, we’ve introduced a more intuitive way to manage your folders and accounts. Starting soon, the creation links will be removed, streamlining your interface for a cleaner and more efficient workspace. What’s New: A new ellipsis icon will appear in your left nav bar when hovering the folders and accounts for a quick and easy way to create folders, subfolders or execute the existing folder and account actions ensuring a smoother workflow. As part of this update, we’ll be removing creation links to provide a more focused and user-friendly experience. Rest assured, the traditional right-click method will still be available for your convenience.


It’s worth mentioning that these new features only impact the new version of Outlook. Considering the list of features planned for 2024, plus the Copilot addition to the platform, revamping the UI is not much of a surprise.

Microsoft might actually implement more of these changes to suit the new capabilities, including the AI ones, so Outlook users should be excited for what’s to come.

But what do you think about these new features coming to Outlook? Are they useful or not? Let us know your opinions.

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