Outlook will show Card-based loop components in emails

The feature will be released on Outlook in December.

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outlook card based components

Outlook will be able to showcase a preview of Card-based loop components in emails, according to a new capability coming to the platform in November.

The emailing app is up for some great features coming to it, including the hotly-anticipated Copilot AI which will help users compose emails, replies, and follow-ups, among a plethora of other capabilities.

Copilot is also coming to classic Outlook, even if the version will most likely be discontinued in 2025, in favor of the new Outlook. And speaking of new features, Outlook will also let users share emails and calendars with others, regardless of permission.

Loop components have been gaining ground, as they are also coming to Teams chats in the following weeks. Integrating them in Outlook means Microsoft is one step closer to offering a seamless Microsoft 365 experience.

Card-based components in Outlook: Why does it matter?

To preview a card-based component in Outlook, emails sent on the platform must have a supported link with a Microsoft 365 app that contains an actionable card-based Loop component. Outlook will preview the component when inserting the link in the email.

Plus, users will be able to choose between the preview or solely seeing the link without previewing the Loop component.outlook card based components

Add a Microsoft 365 app that supports link unfurling with an actionable card-based Loop component, and Outlook will show the component when inserting supported links in your email messages. You will be able to choose between the new embedded card or a link when sending email.


First of all, previewing a Loop component in Outlook allows for a seamless experience when Microsoft 365 apps. Then the ability the preview and open Loop components would greatly speed up meetings, discussions, and even decisions.

Plus, if the cards are actually actionable, changes to them can be made directly in the email.

What do you think of this integration?

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