Overclocking a 4070Ti Super gets you around 100 FPS in Cyberpunk

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After recent patches, Cyberpunk is turning into an amazing game and users are eager to test it in all of its glory.

Regarding the performance, you can get up to 100fps in the game, with a bit of overclocking and decent hardware.

100 FPS after overclocking in Cyberpunk is great for most gamers, but is it enough?

A user on Reddit recently overclocked his PC and decided to share its results with the gaming community. Here’s what the author had to say:

I overclocked the dual fan ventus because on stock it was getting to only 65 degrees celsius max! Clock: +150 Memory:+950 stock power

By doing so, he managed to achieve an average FPS of 96.68 and a maximum FPS of 113.21. Regarding the setup, this user used a GeForce 4070Ti Super OC and Intel 14700k.

While this is great if you’re gaming in 2K resolution, many wanted to know how well the game runs in 4K, and others had to chime in with their findings:

Getting ~65fps for the benchmark on 4k ultra with the same card paired with ryzen 7600

Path tracing, framegen, DLSS perf on 4K and DF optimized settings got around 80s. I can drive around the city with 75 appx. Stock clock though with 5600x.

Digital Foundary optimised settings with RT Heavy (Reflections + Lightning Medium), DLSS Perf + FG on 4K with 4070 Super I get around 80-90 fps avg driving around Liberty City. The VRAM is capping out at 11GB and I am using 5800x3d with 32GB 3600cl16 DDR4.

As you can see, while these settings can handle 4K resolution, the frame rate does take a hit, and that can be a problem for many. This has triggered an array of comments discussing the ability of the hardware to handle 4K games:

1440p high refresh rate is still demanding even for powerful Gpus like 4070Ti Super.
We need more power for 4k.

Others were disappointed because one of the top 5 GPUs currently on the market can’t handle the game properly in 2K and achieve better framerate.

This is the reason why we’re not even fully ready for 1440p yet. 96fps with 4th best (technically 3rd since 4080 and 4080s are pretty much the same) RT gpu. WITH FRAME GEN and some upscaling.

Overall, while these results are great for 2K resolution, many are wondering what will it take to handle Cyberpunk in 4K in its full glory at a higher framerate.

Regarding frame rates, AMD has a new technology and many manufacturers want to implement AFMF in their handhelds, and maybe it can used in this case to boost the performance further.

What are your thoughts on this, what is your configuration and how many frames can you get in Cyberpunk?

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