Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection fails miserably at launch, flooded with negative reviews

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When Aspyr Media announced the launch of Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection set for March 14, 2024, everyone was thrilled. The good old days were back. But the excitement was short-lived!

As it turns out, Star Wars: BCC is plagued with issues, and within hours of launch, thousands have called the game simply unplayable. Reports indicate that only three 64-player official servers were available in the opening hours when close to 10,000 users were logged in.

Other issues reported in the early hours include high ping, stuttering, visual glitches, network errors, crashes, matchmaking issues, and servers not appearing on the browser.

Either Aspyr Media didn’t anticipate this kind of response or couldn’t effectively handle the situation. Whatever the case, Star Wars: BCC will go down as the worst launch of the year. Besides, their official statement regarding the fiasco is vague and doesn’t provide a definite timeline for improvement.

Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection hit with negative ratings on Steam and Xbox

In the first 24 hours, Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection had extremely poor player ratings on Xbox and Steam.

On the Steam Store, the game had an 81% negative rating from 4057 reviews. On the Xbox Store, it scored 2.3/5 from a total of 990 reviews.

Star Wars: Battlefront Collection’s rating on Steam

Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection surprisingly fared well on the PlayStation Store a few hours after launch, with a 3.44/5 rating. Initially, it was even higher!

Star Wars: Battlefront Collection’s rating on PlayStation Store

The game’s high price tag was also questioned after its debacle at launch. Here’s what players had to say:

So let me get this straight. You launched this game with only 3 servers on PC knowing full well people only bought it for that sole reason? Peak comedy gold. Easy refund. What a dissapointment.

Currently, game is totally unplayable. Even if you manage to get into a server, players cannot spawn. Not sure if it’s a cheater/denial thing, bugged gameplay or both.

Unplayable. Worse servers than the original, which had to be salvaged from a service that doesnt exist anymore. Completely unacceptable state this release in, needed another 5 months

I don’t often leave reviews but this gamed were the most important games of my childhood. The multiplayer functionality is straight up disappointing not allowing friends to join or even find my games. The originals are cheaper and smaller space-wise. Why is this 57 gigs? Plz let Disney make them fix this like they made EA remove lootboxes

It needs a lot of polishing. The camera and aim movement feels horrible! U can’t play an actual conquest online. The sound is quiet. U can’t see a damn thing in the conquest board thanks to the stupid stars filter. BF1 loading screen noises are wrong. The respawn timer is horrible. The game crashes a ton! Fix this mess, then we should be in the right direction.

More negative reviews kept pouring in by the minute at the time of writing.

Star Wars: BCC takes up more than 60GB of storage, many raise questions

The original Star Wars: Battlefront and its sequel consumed 7.3 GBs, but Star Wars: BCC, which brings some additional features and content, takes up a whopping 57-72 GBs of storage. There’s no explanation available for now!

The exact storage space depends on the system. It’s about 63 GBs on Steam for PC, 72.58 GBs on Steam Deck, and 57 GBs on Xbox.

What strikes players is that Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection doesn’t feature such high-end graphics, feature sets, or content that could justify the storage requirements.

If unsatisfied with your purchase of Star Wars: BCC, you can always play the top-rated free online Star Wars games.

What’s your review of the Star Wars: BCC? Share with our readers in the comments section.

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