Teams’ newest in-app store will let users buy tech devices directly on the platform

The new store will be added to Teams in February 2024.

by Flavius Floare

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in-app Teams store

Microsoft Teams will debut a brand-new in-app store that will let users search for and buy certified tech devices, such as headsets, web cameras, desk phones, Teams Rooms, and more, starting February 2024, according to the latest entry in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap.

The new in-app store will have all the necessary settings of an online store: users will be able to search for products, filter them, and look for them in categories, as well as make the purchase entirely within the platform, without having to leave Microsoft Teams.

The in-app purchases will be available as a separate feature to small businesses using Microsoft Teams in the US and Canada, at launch, expected in February 2024.

It’s indeed good news, and if take into consideration that Copilot is already on Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Store has some AI capabilities, this in-app Teams store will most likely be enhanced with AI capabilities down the road, which would make it even more useful.

However, for it to happen, the in-app Teams store will need to be used by Teams users, and considering just how easy Microsoft will make it for businesses to have everything they need inside the confines of Teams, the in-app store can already be considered a success.

With the Teams device store experience inside the Teams app, customers can easily discover and purchase certified Teams devices for personal or shared use cases – headsets, web cameras, desk phones, Teams Rooms, and more. Explore devices in categories, use search or filters to find desired device, and purchase all through the familiar Microsoft Teams interface. We are introducing a new experience for small businesses to purchase devices directly within Teams, businesses in the US and Canada will now be able to complete their purchase without leaving the app.


In-app Teams Store: could it clash with the Microsoft Store?

We could naturally ask ourselves if the new in-app Teams store that will be released on the platform in February 2024 could clash with the existing Microsoft Store.

The answer is that it most probably won’t. So far the description on the roadmap describes a store that will showcase devices, from headsets to Surface devices, and many more. The store won’t have apps, as Teams already has a section for that. It won’t showcase software, video games, or anything of the sort.

Microsoft Store already has apps, software, and video games, and it showcases devices as well, but then users have to leave the platform to complete the Teams store

On the other hand, the in-Teams store will offer a full experience, as per Microsoft’s claims. Plus, it will be just another part of Teams, one that effectively transforms Teams into a fully organized hub for organizations. Why leave the platform when you can make corporate purchases right inside it?

However, we’ll have to wait until February to see a first glimpse of how it store looks. But it is exciting.

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