Teams’ Town Halls allow for virtual meetings with 20k attendees

Town Halls will be available to Teams starting October.

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  • The Town Halls will be available in 2 versions: Standard and Premium.
  • The Premium version offers all the Standard capabilities, plus more support. 
  • Organizations will be now able to create, and manage their own corporate events with this tool.

microsoft teams town hall

Microsoft Teams Town Halls are large live meetings that include a variety of video presentations, recordings, Q&A sessions, and live presentations to showcase an organization’s specific events. For example, when a company has new products to unveil, it can organize a Teams Town Hall to showcase them.

Town Halls have been around for a while, but now, according to the latest entry in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, they are coming to Teams, and everybody can organize them. Microsoft plans to release the feature in October 2023, to all platforms, and users.

Set up and host large scale events across an organization with the familiar Teams app you use for webinars and meetings.


And, Microsoft Teams Town Halls will be released in 2 versions. The regular Town Halls, which everybody can organize, and Premium Town Halls, which only Premium Teams users have access to, and these come with additional features.

Microsoft Teams Town Halls: Standard features and Premium features

One of the most impressive features of Town Halls is that they’re able to host large numbers of attendees. Both versions are capable of hosting an impressive number of participants, and while they have different features, customers may want to try the Standard version first, before dipping into the Premium teams town hall

But, enough with the chit-chat. Here are the features for each version. Please note that Microsoft will add more features in the future, so the ones listed below are not all the features. But we’ll know more about them in October.

Standard version:

  • A new meeting template
  • Capacity for up to 10K attendees
  • Third-party eCDN support
  • Green room
  • Manage what attendees see
  • Moderated Q&A
  • RTMP-in
  • Live translated captions and more

Premium version:

  • All the standard capabilities
  • Capacity for up to 20K attendees
  • First-party eCDN support
  • Additional language support for live translated captions
  • Email customization, and more

These features will allow for building and managing elaborate corporate events, and in case managers run into any problems, the Premium version enables support from Microsoft Teams, which can be quite useful in these situations.

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