Teams will let users catch up on missed calls with a new button

The new button is coming to Teams in November.

by Flavius Floare

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  • The new button will be added to the activity feed.
  • Pressing it will start a new conversation with the subject of the missed call.
  • November is a big month for Teams: Copilot will arrive to the platform, as well.

microsoft teams missed call

Microsoft recently announced that the new version of Teams, also dubbed Teams 2.0, will be the new default client for the app on desktop platforms. The classic Teams will no longer be the preinstalled version on Windows devices, and in time, it won’t receive any other new features.

The new Teams is getting all of them, instead: from improved performance and a faster interface to Copilot arriving on the platform, starting this November, Microsoft Teams is also getting a special button that users can use to catch up on missed calls.

According to the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, the new button is coming to the platform starting this November. For now, it will only be available on the Desktop versions of Teams.

Microsoft Teams miss calls button: How does it work?

According to Microsoft, the new button will be added to the activity feed panel, and it will allow users to quickly follow up on any missed calls. Pressing the button will open up a new chat, and Teams users will be able to catch up with the subjects of their missed calls.

Easily stay in touch with your contacts after a missed call. A new chat button is added to your activity feed, enabling you to follow up on a missed call and start a chat with just one click.


It’s not yet clear if this button will come to Teams for Android, or iOS, as so far it would be suitable for mobile situations. However, down the road, Microsoft will most probably add it there as teams missed call

Either way, November will be a big month for Teams, as Copilot is finally arriving on the platform, as well. The AI assistant will help Teams users with pretty much everything: from scheduling meetings to composing emails and replies or summarizing documents and other meetings for them.

What do you think of these new capabilities coming to Teams?

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