The new Accessibility in Games channel is now live in Xbox Store

The new accessibility features will come to Xbox on October 19.

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  • Xbox will get a dedicated channel for accessibility games.
  • New settings will be added to the Game Bar, allowing users to customize it.
  • Plus, games such as Forza Motorsport, Sea of Thieves, and Age of Empires will feature more accessibility settings.

xbox Accessibility in Games

Xbox is getting some important updates when it comes to accessibility in Xbox games. According to Xbox Wire’s latest announcements, the Xbox Store will now have an Accessibility in Games channel.

The channel will provide a list that includes all the games that have accessibility features. Users will be able to join the channel and find the games that best fit their style of gaming.

Previously only titles with 6 or more tags were highlighted in the Xbox store and, but with hundreds of games and thousands of tags now available, Xbox created an Accessibility in Games channel that includes all games with accessibility feature tags, making it even easier to find games with accessibility features that work best for players. 


Microsoft will update the channel with the latest accessibility games so that users won’t miss anything. Plus, games such as Forza Motorsport, Sea of Thieves, and the popular Age of Empires will now have more accessibility features.

Xbox’s accessibility in games is improved with new settings on its Game Bar

Xbox will also debut new settings on its Game Bar, starting October 19. The new settings will allow users to customize their accessibility buttons, making it easier for them to enjoy the experience of playing Xbox games.

The new settings will focus on video and audio options that users can customize according to their preferences and needs, as Microsoft Accessibility in Games

The Xbox widgets in Game Bar will include their own ‘Game accessibility’ settings menu on October 19 to make it even easier for players to locate accessibility settings on the platform. In the updated Xbox widgets, you’ll find both visual and audio-related accessibility controls to customize your PC gaming experience according to your preferences and needs.


The new bar will be available once users update their Game Bar and Xbox app to the latest version, starting October 19. It will be available by clicking the Settings button.

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