The new AI-powered Bing is here & it’s weirdly bizarre

Gaslighting taken into another level.

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  • Microsoft is taking its competition with Google to a whole new level this year by releasing ChatGPT-powered Bing.
  • The experience is still limited on a desktop version for a few select users.
  • However, some users reported bizarre & weird interactions with the chatbot. Far from ready?

Microsoft’s brand-new OpenAI’s ChatGPT-powered browser Edge with Bing search engine homepage is here for several select users on the waitlist. The question is: is it as good as it’s expected so far?

Several users have managed to get on the waitlist and tried the new technology, and it’s safe to say that there is still room for improvement. Some got accidentally kicked out of Bing’s waitlist and some, like this Twitter user, even got into a peculiarly weird argument over the day’s date, on top of being called a bad user.  

Odd enough? Well, the launch itself was met with a pinch of salt, though. Some potential users voice their concerns about the new technology and how it tackles issues and privacy and deals with harmful content.

“We have and will continue to partner with OpenAI on foundational model work, we have designed the Bing user experience to keep humans at the center, and we have developed a safety system that is designed to mitigate failures and avoid misuse with things like content filtering, operational monitoring, and abuse detection, and other safeguards”

What can the new AI-powered Bing do?

In addition to the AI integration into its Bing search engine, Microsoft said that its Edge browser will see a massive chunk of updates.

The new update allows you to perform complex searches in unique commands, starting from the sidebar where all the AI functions are built and an option called Chat Mode.  

When typing a search/a command in the toolbar, you can do a complex search and make refinements. It can even create stories, poems, or ideas for a project in a ChatGPT-like experience. 

Can I download the new Bing?

The short answer is no, you can not download the full experience just yet, since it’s still in its limited, early phase, and it’s only launched on desktop in a limited preview. The mobile version is yet to be announced. 

Still, there are a few workarounds you can keep in mind. 

Enjoy the limited desktop experience and join the waitlist

If you don’t have access to the new Bing, you will meet this screen when you get to the homepage

Simply click on Join the waitlist and log into your Microsoft account. If you don’t have an account, you can create one. 

After logging in, it will redirect you to either add a Bing extension (if you use Google Chrome) or download the mobile Microsoft Bing App for Android and Apple. 

On the other hand, Google launched its very own answer to OpenAI’s ChatGPT called Bard. The AI chatbot itself is still being tested in a few select users and will likely be released in the coming weeks. By incorporating Google’s Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA), Bard could simplify complex topics and bring a unique search experience. 

Are you excited about the world’s first AI-powered search engine experience? Let us know in the comment!

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