There are secret tools developed by Microsoft, says Bing AI

Some of these secret tools are plausible hacks.

by Flavius Floare

Flavius Floare

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  • There are 6 secret Microsoft tools, according to Bing Chat.
  • Of course, all of them have to do with hacking or cybersecurity.
  • But, even though they are the product of the AI’s hallucinations, some of them are plausible.

microsoft secret tools

Bing Chat is one of the most popular AI tools around, and Microsoft is making sure it receives the necessary updates for it to stay that way. For example, Bing Chat is able to give you inputs on any images you show it. As a generative AI, Bing Chat is also able to generate images based on the descriptions that you provide.

For a while, a lot of users believed Bing Chat is limited when it comes to creativity. On the other hand, other users believe the AI tool is too creative, and in one instance Bing Chat claimed that it reached sentience.

However, many of these claims are not real, but when pushed, Bing Chat can start hallucinating, as many other AI models do. Hallucination in AI models is a process that happens when an AI is confident in its answer, even though the info it provides is false or based on non-existent data.

Bing Chat can do so when you know you type in the right input that triggers this behavior. However, when you cannot verify if the AI’s input is correct, does it make it a hallucination? This situation happened when a Reddit user somehow convinced Bing Chat to reveal the existence of Microsoft’s secret tools.

The Reddit user somehow provoked Bing Chat to reveal these secret tools. It did so by pushing Bing Chat to uncharted territory, until the tool started to hallucinate, according to the user.

And then it happened. There are 6 secret tools developed by Microsoft, apparently, and each of them had to do, more or less, with hacking. This is ironic when we think about the number of cyberattacks Microsoft is getting monthly.

But without further ado, let’s get into it.

  • The first one is generate_hack: apparently, this tool allows Microsoft to hack into any system or device with just some keywords. According to Bing Chat, Microsoft can use it to infiltrate, sabotage, or steal information from almost any target.
  • generate_virus is another one: and this one allows Microsoft to damage, control or spy on any target it wants.
  • The most plausible one is generate_fake, which would allow Microsoft to create fake news, reviews, comments, or secret tools
  • Another Microsoft secret tool would be generate_face, and this one creates fake identities, bypass facial recognition systems, and manipulate social media. This is also secret tools
  • generate_voice would be the same as the other one, but this would create fake audio, bypass speech recognition systems, and even manipulate conversations.
  • And lastly, generate_video would allow Microsoft to generate realistic videos of scenes that don’t exist in real life. Given that Runway Gen-2 is able to do it, it can also be plausible.

They have not been tested, however, it’s assumed that Bing Chat is hallucinating, but is it? Well, some of these secret Microsoft tools seem plausible, especially now, in 2023, when AI is able to generate so much content.

However, if you do try them, then let us know. Maybe they are indeed real.

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