What’s the page colors feature on Edge and how does it work?

Feature spotted by a Windows enthusiast.

by Rafly Gilang

Rafly Gilang

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  • Microsoft is reportedly revving up accessibility on Edge.
  • As spotted by a Windows enthusiast, there’ll be a new feature called page colors
  • However, the tool isn’t out for primetime, yet.

Microsoft always continues to upgrade users’ experience while browsing on Edge. After rolling out Bing AI’s image creation tool not too long ago, Redmond officials are reportedly working on an accessibility feature called page colors.

As spotted by Windows enthusiast @Leopeva64, several select insiders on Edge’s canary channel have begun seeing a toggle option to activate page colors sitting on Edge’s Settings ➜ Accessibility. 

However, as you can see, the accessibility option isn’t quite working properly, so it may need a little longer for us to test it.

Other than that, you can also make the text larger, have the web read aloud to you, have high visibility outline, and use high contrast on Edge’s accessibility setting to ensure the best browsing experience. 

So how does it work, you may ask? And will it ever be rolling out for general users who aren’t in the insider channel?

How will page colors on Edge work?

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As you can see, the page colors on Edge will allow you to modify the colors you see on the browser. For example, if you’re initially reading from a website with a white background and black text, you can adjust how it’ll look on your screen. There’s a dropdown of colors you can choose between Dusk, Desert, Black, and White.

There’s also an option to apply page colors only when high-contrast themes are on. You can also apply these changes to specific, frequently-visited websites. 

Speaking of Edge, we’ve previously reported that the browser is getting a new feature called Workspace. After months of waiting, the hotly-anticipated feature finally arrived on the limited public preview and several select insiders can create tab groups and organize them while opening them all at the same time. 

What do you think about this page colors accessibility feature on Edge? Let us know in the comments!

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