Will Microsoft ever develop an Xbox console for kids?

An Xbox console made for kids? For now, no, but never say never.

by Flavius Floare

Flavius Floare

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  • Microsoft has not marketed Xbox for children, yet.
  • While the Redmond-based tech giant has no plans to release an Xbox for kids, there could be surprises.
  • However, it will probably bear another name, not Xbox.

xbox children's games

Microsoft’s Xbox consoles are very popular among gamers. These consoles are built for gamers, but casual gamers and even children can play on them too. The Redmond-based tech giant specifically thought about it when developing Xbox Series S, which is an Xbox designed for casual players. Its big brother, the X, is more suited for gaming veterans.

Overall, the Xbox consoles are popular, but globally speaking, people prefer other consoles, such as PlayStation or Nintendo. However, in the US, Xbox consoles are more popular than the other ones, and Microsoft is the dominant player in this specific region.

They can buy the Xbox S for a casual gaming time, and Xbox X for a more specific gaming activity. In this sense, Microsoft caters to all kinds of audiences. Maybe that’s why some people are wondering if Microsoft will ever develop an Xbox console for kids.

Other consoles, such as Nintendo, created an image of a kid-friendly console with Nintendo Switch. Why wouldn’t Microsoft ever try to develop such a console?

While there isn’t an Xbox made for kids, there are a lot of Xbox children’s games on the console

One answer is that Microsoft just doesn’t find it convincing enough to make an Xbox console exclusively designed for kids.xbox children's games

Recently, however, following all the engagement the Barbie film generated online, Microsoft released a Barbie-designed Xbox. This would be the closest Microsoft has ever been to developing an Xbox for children.

However, there are a lot of games made specifically for kids. And while you don’t have to buy an Xbox X for them, the Xbox S, which is, again, a console made for casual gamers, kids included, can also support them.

Among these Xbox children’s games, we mention Minecraft, which is one of the most popular and useful games that a kid can play. And there are other similar games on Xbox, that are perfect for kids.

Secondly, and it’s important to know, Microsoft released Xbox for a specific audience. In the US, for example, the Xbox is also known as the FPS console, due to the majority of Xbox games being FPSs. The Redmond-based tech giant simply hasn’t marketed the Xbox consoles for kids.

Ultimately, if there is to be an Xbox console for kids, it would probably not be called Xbox. Who knows, maybe in the future, Microsoft will think of it, but for now, chances are slim.

What do you think about this? Would you like an Xbox for kids, or Xbox children’s games are enough? Let us know in the comments section below.

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