Working at Microsoft is not that great, internal poll shows

It might prompt Microsoft to announce another wave of salary raises.

by Flavius Floare

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microsoft employees unhappy

While Microsoft is making technological breakthroughs with AI, Copilot, and scientific discoveries, it seems that working at the Redmond-based tech giant is not so great, after all.

According to an internal poll at Microsoft, leaked to Insider, Microsoft employees showed less confidence in leadership, and they also gave the worst score to the question about whether working there is a good deal.

This is somewhat a bit difficult, considering just how much Microsoft achieved in the past couple of years. Windows 11 is 2 years old now, and a lot of other changes and improvements on the overall Microsoft products happened.

We were all excited when Microsoft decided to delve deep into AI. At the Microsoft Build 2023 conference, held in May, everyone was thrilled about the excitement of Microsoft. And now, it seems that the employees are not very excited to work at the company.

Are Microsoft employees unhappy?

Well, according to the leaked internal reports, not all of them are unhappy, but a great deal of the Microsoft staff is not really excited to work for the employees unhappy

According to the report leaked to Insiders, when asked about confidence in leaders, 73% of Microsoft employees gave a positive response. That might seem almost generally positive, but last year, 78% of them gave a positive response to the same question.

So it looks like fewer people at Microsoft are really content with the leadership that they have there.

Even more, when asked if they think they got a good deal at Microsoft, and by a good deal, it means work vs. compensations, 69% of the Microsoft employees gave a positive answer. That’s a bit higher than 2022 when 66% responded with a positive answer to the question. Ultimately, it even prompted Microsoft to announce raises and more benefits.

However, it seems that less than of the Microsoft employees would consider staying if they got another and a better offer. That’s lower than when the same question was raised last year.

So it seems that almost half of the Microsoft employees are unhappy, overall.

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