Yes, Suno in Microsoft Copilot will turn ideas into songs, but so does the Microsoft-developed DeepRapper AI

Together as plugins, they could generate AI hip-hop songs.

by Flavius Floare

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Microsoft Copilot will support the Suno plugin, effectively turning the AI tool into a songwriter and composer at users’ requests. Users will now be capable of composing songs with one single input, in a matter of seconds.

We are excited to share that that we have partnered with Suno, a leader in artificial intelligence-based music creation to bring their capabilities to Microsoft Copilot. Through this partnership, people will have at their fingertips the ability, regardless of musical background, to create fun, clever, and personalized songs with a simple prompt. Suno has been a leader in AI music technology, pioneering the ability to generate complete songs—lyrics, instrumentals, and singing voices—from a single sentence.


The tool will let any user create songs without any formal music experience or training. Copilot will create the song based on the users’ input, however absurd that input might be. In an example, Microsoft shows users how Copilot creates a soulful song about daily life from the perspective of a pet.

So you can imagine just how easy it is to be a composer (with the AI’s help, of course). To start using Suni on Microsoft Copilot, users will need to follow these steps:

  • Open Microsoft Edge, visit, and ensure you’re signed in with your Microsoft Account
  • Enable the Suno plugin or click on the Suno logo that says Make music with Suno
  • Ask Copilot to create a song for you such as, Create a pop song about adventures with your family

However, it’s worth mentioning Suno is not the first songwriter AI Microsoft has taken an interest in. Earlier this year, we covered a story on DeepRapper, an AI model funded by Microsoft capable of composing impressive raps.

Now that Microsoft Copilot added Suni, maybe it can add DeepRapper as well

If you don’t know about DeepRapper, then let us shed some light: this summer Microsoft invested in AI research that focused on the development of DeepRapper, an AI model capable of writing and composing deep and intricate lyrics and raps on varied tempos. Microsoft Copilot Suno

Developed by the Chinese Muzic, which falls under The Deep and Reinforcement Learning Group at Microsoft Research Asia, DeepRapper is an AI model that generates rap verses according to suitable rhythms such as:

How can you ignore the reality of your character and never lack arrogance and arrogance? Forge a new ideal, open every farewell on the wings.


The lyrics are in Mandarin, but once translated, you can see the complexity in them. Even more, back when the team published the article on DeepRapper, the AI rapper had generated over 5000 samples, each more complex than the previous one.

How? Well, according to the researchers, a data mining pipeline was built. This pipeline, which consisted of a dataset with rap songs with aligned lyrics and rhythmic beats, was used to train DeepRapper. After the pipeline was completed, they built a language model that would select rhymes and rhythm models.

The pipeline contained a vast quantity of rap songs, different in structure and composition. After DeepRapper was trained on it, the AI rapper was capable of coming out with complex and high-quality verses.

If Microsoft Copilot supports Suno, why wouldn’t it support DeepRapper, as well? As plugins, Suno and DeepRapper could work together inside Copilot, to create AI-generated Hip-Hop songs, because why not?

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